It got worse

Thanks to the ever helpful TV Tropes website for the title to this post.

If you saw the previous post on Rattler Radio, you will have followed the progress of the snow today.

Well, here is are pictures taken right about when the first pitch of Tuesday’s game would have been thrown:

From the top of the right field berm

The front gates look Christmasy...Which would be nice if it was DECEMBER!

From the usual spot

Sorry. I just ran out of gas and couldn’t think of a clever caption without PROFANITY!!!!!!!….um, er, ahem….

When people ask me what I remember about this homestand at the end of the year, snow will be the last thing on my mind. Even though there has been a pretty good ‘Thunder & Lightning’ show happening outside my window for the last three hours. Yes. It’s called thundersnow…er, THUNDERSNOW!!!

Nope. Won’t remember that. I prefer to remember this moment from Sunday’s doubleheader. I swiped it from the Timber Rattlers Facebook album. I hope they don’t mind.

Mike Walker doesn't jump. The Earth tries to get out of the way.

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All I can do is offer up this short clip of the greatest movie ever made…it gets a chuckle out of me every time…

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