Seriously? Seriously.

UPDATE: Thursday’s game in Burlington has been rained out.  The Rattlers will try to get on the field Friday night.  There is a doubleheader scheduled with Game One starting at 5:30pm.

Fingers crossed, everyone.

The tarp is on the field in Burlington.  Tonight’s game is in a delay.  Nice job by the grounds crew to get the tarp on the field as the wind started to kick up.

UPDATE: It’s started raining. It was mentioned that if I want to match Matthew Brady and Ansel Adams…and that other guy, I need to work in Black & White.


Rain Falls on the roof of the concession stand at Community Field

As always, click for a larger image…

Looking out to the Community Field parking lot.

And here is a final in gritty, realistic black and white:

The Community Field Concourse in black & white

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Weather report for Burlington, Iowa as of 9:00 am. 70% chance of rain increasing towards the evening and is currently 46 degrees. Good luck with the weather boys !!!!!!!!

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