Lineup and Game Notes April 25, 2011

Timber Rattlers game day at Time Warner Cable Field!

Congratulations to Austin Ross!  The Rattlers starting pitcher was  named the Midwest League pitcher of the week earlier today for his performance against Beloit on April 18.

The pitching matchups for the rest of this series with the River Bandits:

TUE: Tyler Thornburg v. Zach Russell
WED: Austin Ross v. Trevor Rosenthal

Tonight’s Lineup:
Nick Shaw 2B
Reggie Keen CF
Cody Hawn 1B
Jason Rogers LF
Mike Walker DH
Greg Hopkins 3B
Robbie Garvey RF
Carlos George SS
Tyler Roberts C

Starting Pitcher:
Jimmy Nelson

Here are tonight’s notes: RattlersGameNotesApril25


Shorts & sunglasses…a combo I have not yet put together for a Rattler game this year!

In honor of that firey ball in the sky for the game tonight I give you some 80-lishious Dokken!

Response to on radio comment Mon. night. Wow Chris M., really? Who cares if somebody has 5 doubles when half of their at bats are K’s, LMAO !!!!!!!! Your silly

Oh, almost forgot. 3 of the doubles were duck farts !!!!!

I will say that it is early in the season and anything can happen, but mentioning 5 doubles is like saying half of the AB’s are K’s, understand?

Let me ask you another question. Is the manager /coach calling the game for our catcher, or is he calling his own game?

Really dosen’t matter how many runners you throw out if you can’t catch the ball and have more passed balls than caught stolen bases !!!!!!!

Especially if the ball goes through your wickets (mortal sin for a catcher) and scores a run !!! Worse if it’s a couple nights in a row !!!!

Big difference between the arizona rookie league and the rest of minor league ball, huh? !!!!!!! LMAO

Yeah tyler roberts, oops, I almost choked, just like him LMAO !!!!!!!

The comment about all five hits being all doubles was neither a positive or a negative comment. It was stating an interesting fact. Maybe not interesting to you, but interesting to point out.

Much like the facts that I made in the postgame post about him throwing out 60% of would be base stealers (which is 6 of 10) and the five passed balls.

The three other people who read this blog get it. You are not a fan of Tyler Roberts.

However, the joy that you take in his struggles is disconcerting and not worth the headache. In the future, please bring something positive and beautiful or don’t bring anything at all.

Phil man, c’mon now… I’d like to think I know better than most about getting caught in the vortex that is really rooting for a minor league team (I mean, I honestly get grumpy when they play bad) & understanding that for the minor leagues it’s not necessarily about winning…and we haven’t had any in Rattler Nation for some time (heavy sigh…2005 team…Tuiasosopo Nation).

Pointed criticism, while negative at times, I can see…but 8 comments to rip on a 20 year old kid? It takes a lot to elicit a response like that out of Mehring…congrats (no, not really).

The Dokken was not a bad idea…wearing shorts last night was. To hell with spring, when’s summer getting here?

Everyone seems to have missed my point, which was that the catchers are feeling the strain of being placed into a pressure cooker situation which was totally avoidable, but hey, once again the Brewers minor league powers that be dropped the ball as usual, whats new !!!! Also, I’m not ripping on Roberts anymore than I ripped on Garfield last season, just the facts sir, just the facts. Sometimes the truth dosen’t sound to wonderful, so if you want it to sound better then someone better start blocking the balls better and stop k’ing half of the AB’s.

I missed the point of this comment: Yeah tyler roberts, oops, I almost choked, just like him LMAO !!!!!!!

I missed the point of this comment, too: Big difference between the arizona rookie league and the rest of minor league ball, huh? !!!!!!! LMAO

It’s the multiple exclamation points followed by the LMAO that fooled me into thinking that your point was anything BUT a critique of the Brewers minor league decision makers.

I won’t make that mistake again.

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