If you grew up in Wisconsin during the 70s and 80s and followed the Milwaukee Brewers, Benji means something to you that it does not mean to others.

Benji = Ben Oglivie, who is now the hitting coach for the West Michigan Whitecaps.  This Grand Rapids Press article catches up with the Brewers star.

Despite turning 62 in February, the former major league player and first-year West Michigan Whitecaps hitting coach shows no signs of winding down.

“The one thing I have found out is you stay with something you are passionate about,” Oglivie said. “When the passion goes, I will go home. When it becomes work, I’m going home. What has sustained me is the passion, and I don’t think I’ve lost that.

“I know, realistically, that I can’t play, so that’s gone, but there is a light that still allows me to come out here and not feel that this is labor.”

A-freaking-MEN!!  Click through and read it all.

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Everybody knows Rickie Weeks’ bat waggle. Most probably remember Gary Shefield’s. But before both of them there was Benji.

Back then short of George Foster i didn’t think there was a meaner looking son of a gun then Benji. And from the looks of that Whitecaps pic…i’m still afraid of him!

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