Rating April since 2003

Perry the Postponement Penguin says, "No game tonight. Two on Friday though!"

So…Eight games postponed since April 15.  Six of those games are home games.  Um, yeah..

There have been so many tweets and emails and questions and ahhhh….let me do the math since I have nothing else to do tonight.  I have been announcing for the Timber Rattlers since 2000.  I have been full time with the team since 2003.  Let’s use 2003 as a baseline since that was the gold standard for bad weather in April that I can remember.

I had a little time on my hand and came up with a rating system.  Don’t be scared. This is what happens when you take baseball away from me.

April Postponements in Timber Rattlers History:

2003 April Postponements: Overall: 7; Home: 6
April 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8*, & 30
April 3-6 was a four game series at home against Beloit. April 7  and 8 was a series with Clinton.  However, the Rattlers front office talked to the LumberKings and the Midwest League and that game on the eighth was actually moved to a league wide off day on April 10.  I guess I can count it as a postponement.  The April 30 game was the final game of a series at Clinton.

2003 rating:

2003 rating: Smiling Willard Scott. Look at him. He's up to something. Just like this month. Watch out for this Willard Scott.

2004 April Postponements: Overall: 1; Home: 1
April 20
The first game of a series with the Burlington Bees at home was rained out.  That was it.

2004 rating:

2004 rating: Valerie Voss. Wisconsin native, CNN meterologist, awesome. Not awesome...this is the best picture of her online.

2005 April Postponements: Overall: 0; Home: 0

The first rainout of the 2005 season was on July 25.  The Rattlers played just two doubleheaders that season.  One was a scheduled Day-Night DH on June 6 as a certain QB hosted his charity softball game on June 5.  The other was a makeup of the July 25 rainout on July 27.
2005 rating:

April 2005 Rating: Jeaneatta Jones. This month was as beautiful as the best weather forecaster ever on The Weather Channel. Ever.

2006 April Postponements: Overall: 1;  Home: 1
April 30

April 30 in a game against West Michigan.  Seriously, it couldn’t hold off one more day?

2006 rating:

2006 rating: If there is anything that makes Willard Scott better it would be Al Roker. Al smooths out the harsh edges of Willard and make this month pretty cool.

2007 April Postponements: Overall: 5; Home 5
April 6, 7, 9, 11, & 12

The season opened on April 5 in 30 something weather.  That would have been a postponement, too.  Had it not also been the first game Ryne Sandberg managed.   The games on the 6th and 7th against the Chiefs were colded out.  April 8th was a scheduled off day.  Clinton came in on April 9 and got rained out.  The teams actually got a doubleheader in on April 10, but the next two games were called off due to snow…I’d say “Seriously?” but, it snowed on April 19 this year.

2007 rating:

2007 rating: I just blew any chance I had with Valerie Voss by posting this picture. But, April, 2007 deserved this rating...unlike Valerie who did not deserve this as the only other picture of her that I could find on the internet.

2008 April Postponements: Overall: 7; Home: 6
April 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, & 25

April 3 was opening night and it was in Quad Cities.  The Rattlers home opener against Clinton was played on April 7.  BUT, April 8-10 against Clinton was either rained or snowed out.  Dayton came up to play on April 11, but the field still had ice and snow.  April 12 also had too wet.  The only reason the doubleheader against the Dragons was played on April 13 was because the Rattlers front office brought in a helicopter to dry out the field.  Yes. Seriously. There’s a picture somewhere in the files.  I’ll dig it up later.  April 25 was a game against Beloit on a Friday night.

2008 rating:

2008 rating: Serious Willard Scott. Not even Willard Scott can smile about a month that needed a helicopter to play games.

2009 April Postponements: Overall: 3; Home: 1
April 19, 21, & 26
April 19 was a Sunday in Clinton.  April 21 was a Tuesday at home against Peoria.  April 26 was a Sunday afternoon at Quad Cities

2009 Rating: Young Willard Scott. That right there is what we in the business call 'Network Hair'. You trust this man. You trust this month.

2010 April Postponements:  Overall: 3; Home 2
April 8, 25, 30

April 8 was the famous snow out on Opening Night at Time Warner Cable Field. April 25 was a Sunday at home with the Beloit Snappers.  April 30 was later in that same week at Beloit.

2010 rating:

2010 Rating: Nervous Willard Scott. Not enough home postponements to frighten Willard, but just enough to put him on high alert.

2011 April Postponements: Overall: 8; Home 6
April 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 28

And it ain’t over yet.

2011 rating:

2011 Rating: Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald. Nightmare Fuel. Best thing about this rating? Willard Scott went on to a long and successful career after this...this...well, I don't know what this is, but yes...he (and Ronald) survived.


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