The Miller’s tales

Superlatives all around for Matt Miller after last night’s complete game shutout.

Here’s The Post-Crescent story:

A lot of things helped Miller. He faced just one batter over the minimum due to a double play, an outfield assist and a base runner caught stealing. The latter came with the help of catcher Tyler Roberts, a.k.a. Miller’s best friend.

“If you get in a rhythm out there, and that’s key for a pitcher to just get in a rhythm, in the sixth we were just clicking,” Miller said. “Then when we got to the seventh and we just carried the same momentum we had in the sixth. I thought we were more locked in there than early on in the game. That kind of happens. You find your chemistry and your moments as the game goes on. And Tyler did a great job tonight just being there with me.”


“It’s different at every level,” Miller said. “Obviously, you come here with high expectations. If you looked at our starting pitching staff, just a slew of great arms and great college careers. And last year we all played together and had some success.

“We’ve tried to bring that here and everybody is trying to feel it out. Obviously, in the beginning of the season, everyone is going through bumps. But we’re just going to put our head down and keep working. Collectively, everybody played a great game today.”

And also caught up with Miller after his gem:

“You have to get ahead of guys and pound the zone,” he said. “That’s what I learned tonight. You have to remember that you are in charge out there. Taking the pressure off yourself and putting it on the hitters is the key.”


“We had a lot of success throwing the fastball tonight,” the University of Michigan product said. “They were a predominantly left-handed lineup, so we were going hard away and then changing the pace.

“Once we got ahead, we could use the changeup in any count and that helped us get a lot of ground balls.”

Click both links for all the details and all the quotes.

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