April 2011

Alumni Report – Games of April 19, 2011

Congratulations to Carlos Peguero!  The Timber Rattler from 2007 made his Major League debut with the Seattle Mariners last night.  Peguero entered Seattle’s 13-3 win over Detroit as a defensive replacement for Ichiro.

Peguero was called up to the big leagues when Justin Smoak went on Seattle’s bereavement list.

MLB games from yesterday involving former Rattlers:

@Seattle 13, Detroit 3

Peguero (’07): Defensive Replacement
Michael Saunders (’06): 3-for-5, 2 runs

@Kansas City 5, Cleveland 4

Asdrubal Cabrera (’05): 0-for-4
Shin-soo Choo (’02): 1-for-4, RUN, RBI

Toronto 6, New York 5 (10)

Rafael Soriano (’00): IP, 0H, 0R, BB, K

@Baltimore 11, Minnesota 0

Adam Jones (’04): 2-for-3, 2 RUNS

@Oakland 5, Boston 0

Brian Fuentes (’97): .2IP, 0H, 0R

David Ortiz (’96): 1-for-3

Milwaukee 9 @Philadelphia 0

Raul Ibanez (Foxes, ’94): 0-for-3

Arizona 5 @Cincinnati 4

JJ Putz (’00): IP, 0H, 0R, SAVE #4

It got worse

Thanks to the ever helpful TV Tropes website for the title to this post.

If you saw the previous post on Rattler Radio, you will have followed the progress of the snow today.

Well, here is are pictures taken right about when the first pitch of Tuesday’s game would have been thrown:

From the top of the right field berm

The front gates look Christmasy...Which would be nice if it was DECEMBER!

From the usual spot

Sorry. I just ran out of gas and couldn’t think of a clever caption without PROFANITY!!!!!!!….um, er, ahem….

When people ask me what I remember about this homestand at the end of the year, snow will be the last thing on my mind. Even though there has been a pretty good ‘Thunder & Lightning’ show happening outside my window for the last three hours. Yes. It’s called thundersnow…er, THUNDERSNOW!!!

Nope. Won’t remember that. I prefer to remember this moment from Sunday’s doubleheader. I swiped it from the Timber Rattlers Facebook album. I hope they don’t mind.

Mike Walker doesn't jump. The Earth tries to get out of the way.

Warning: Snow in April Pictures

Tonight’s game with the Beloit Snappers has been postponed due to snow.  It will be made up as part of a doubleheader on May 18.  There is no word on tomorrow’s scheduled game with the Snappers…but, it does not look good.  Look for an update when there is word.  UPDATE: Wednesday’s game is off now, too.  It will be made up as part of a doubleheader on Thursday, May 19.

I really don’t want to post these, but I feel that I need to post these.  Click for larger images.  Keep in mind that the pictures in from down the right field line were taken about 10 minutes before the pictures from the third base concourse.

I wanted to take more pictures as the snow accumulated, but my hands started shaking with uncontrollable rage.  It was taken me 15 minutes just to compose this post…Because the green grass that you saw in the tarp pull picture from last night is completely covered in white, white, ugly, hated, despicable snow.  Sorry.  Channeled Brick for a second there.

UPDATE:  Hands stopped shaking. This is a photo taken after it had been snowing for about an hour.  Click for a larger image.

This is a picture taken after it had been snowing for about an hour on Tuesday.

Postgame Thoughts (4/18/11)

The Timber Rattlers front office and grounds crew places the tarp on the field after Mondays game.

FINAL: Beloit 4, Wisconsin 2  Boxscore | Game Story

  • I am bestowing honorary Cheesehead status on Austin Ross. For a guy from Shreveport, Louisiana to pitch like that…well, there’s gotta be a little Wisconsinite in him.  Get that man a foam Cheesehead…STAT!
  • No. Seriously. It was 38 degrees at game time and the wind chill made it seem like 32.  Seven innings, 3 hits, 8 strikeouts, 0 runs.  Mix him a brandy old fashioned, get him a BoDeans CD.  Teach him the words to On, Wisconsin, all about the Hodag, and – by all means – what a bubbler is.  That was impressive.
  • Two more steals for Reggie Keen.  He is 7-for-8 on the season.  Run, @ReGGieReg21, run!
  • The tarp is on the field.  I really want it to come off the field tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.
  • A few videos to wrap up tonight’s post.

Here is the Tyler Thornburg pregame interview:

Here are the Rattlers highlights from Monday’s game:

Lineup & Game Notes (4/18/2011)

Its a great day for baseball!

UPDATE: Tyler Thornburg is the guest on the Miller Lite Pregame Show tonight.  Broadcast starts at 6:15pm.  Tune in on AM1280, WNAM or on the internet.

Tonight’s Rattlers Lineup:
Nick Shaw             2B
Reggie Keen         CF
Cody Hawn           1B
Jason Rogers       DH
Mike Walker         3B
TJ Mittelstaedt   LF
Robbie Garvey   RF
Carlos George     SS
Tony Pechek         C

Tonight’s starting pitcher:
Austin Ross

Click here for thonight’s Rattlers game notes: RattlersGameNotesApril18

Walker, Timber Rattler

Mike Walker doesn’t hit a baseball.  The baseball is so scared of being hit by Mike Walker and it flies as far away from him as possible before he can make contact.

Postgame thoughts (4/17/2011)

Mike Walker heads for third after his game-ending home run in game two of Sundays doubleheader


Game One: Peoria 7, Wisconsin 6; Boxscore | Game story
Game Two: Wisconsin 2, Peoria 1; Boxscore | Game story

  • Both teams won a game they should have lost and lost a game they should have won today.
  • In the top of the seventh inning in game one, the first hit off Brian Garman was a slow grounder up the third base line that kept rolling, rolling, rolling. How it stayed fair after it rolled off the grass…I don’t know.  But, it snowballed from there.
  • Not that it was cold enough for a snowball
  • Del Howell’s pitch count ran up there again today (75 in five innings with 50 strikes), but he kept the walks down (2), ramped up the strikeouts (4), and got a better ratio of grounders to flyballs (6:2). That is a Del Howell that is going to be successful.
  • Speaking of grounders…Three more double plays for the Rattlers (all of them in game one).  The Rattlers have turned 15 double plays this season
  • No errors today.  None. For either team.  That is good focus in some challenging weather
  • Great crowd for the doubleheader today:  3,325
  • Helloooooooo, Tyler Thornburg!
  • No, really….Hellooooooooo, Tyler Thornburg!
  • Eight strikeouts, one walk, 78 pitches in 5-2/3 innings.  I am only partly kidding when I said that I should update twitter when he gives up his first hit of the game.  Especially once he is fully stretched out to 100 pitches.
  • Dan Britt with his second win of the season.  Before the game, I was told that Britt would make the start in game three of the series against the Snappers.  So your next three Rattlers starters will be:  Ross on Monday, Miller on Tuesday, and Britt on Wednesday
  • I still can’t quite believe that the game-ending home run by Walker was the first ‘walkoff’ by the Rattlers since Brock Kjeldgaard hit on on June 10, 2009.  I can’t believe it, but I’m glad it happened.
  • Walker: Timber Rattler.
  • Mike Walker didn’t go to the University of Pacific.  The University of Pacific went to Mike Walker.
  • 5-5 after 10 games this season.  4-6 after 10 games last year.
  • 14 errors after 10 games this season.  24 errors after 10 games last year.

The highlights for game one are here

The highlights for game two will be there soon.  Head over to the timberrattlertv youtube channel in a bit.  I’ll link it later.  UPDATE: Here are the game two highlights.

Long day today. Heading home to do a little more work and grab some dinner…and grab the audio of the Greg Hopkins interview…and grab the audio of the bottom of the seventh inning because they highlights at the ballpark messed up and they don’t have it to go along with the video…and to….well, there’s a lot more.

Good night, everyone.  See you at the park this week.

Game one lineup and Game Notes (4/17/11)

Internet was out this morning.  Sorry this is late.

But, hey!  LET’S PLAY TWO!!!

Game One Rattler Lineup:

Shaw 2B
Keen CF
Hawn 1B
Rogers LF
Hopkins 3B
Walker DH
Roberts C
George SS
Romero RF

Starting Pitcher:

Today’s game notes: RattlersGameNotesApril17

Rainy Day Double-A Rattlers Alumni Project

For the post on Alumni playing in the Major Leagues, click here.

For the post on Alumni playing in Triple A, click here.

Here are all the ex-Rattlers to play in a Double-A game so far in 2011:

Eastern League:
Akron (1): Juan Diaz (’08)
Reading (2): Phillippe Aumont (’08), Juan Carlos Ramirez (’08)
Richmond (1): Justin Dowdy (’03)

Southern League:
Huntsville (9): Michael Bowman (’09), Michael Fiers (’08), Sean Halton (’10), Erik Komatsu (’09), Daniel Meadows (’09), Dan Merklinger (’09), Wily Peralta (’09), Juan Sanchez (’09), Cody Scarpetta (’09)
Jackson (2): Jamie McOwen (’07), Carlos Triunfel (’07)
Mississippi (1): Gavin Dickey (’08)

No ex-Rattlers have played in the Texas League so far in 2011.

Rainy Day Triple-A Rattlers Alumni Project

Here are all of the ex-Timber Rattlers to play in a Triple-A Game so far in 2011:

International League:
Columbus (1): Luis Valbuena (’06)
Gwinnett (1): Anthony Varvaro (’07)
Indianapolis (1): Justin Thomas (’06)
Lehigh Valley (2): Ryan Feierabend (’04): Robbie Hudson (’06)
Pawtucket (1): Scott Atchison (’99)
Rochester (1): Rene Rivera (’03)
Syracuse (1): Carlos Maldonado (’99)

Pacific Coast League:
Iowa (2): Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06), Bryan LaHair (’04)
Las Vegas (1): Brett Lawrie (’09)
Memphis (1): Ramon Vazquez (’97)
Nashville (3): Taylor Green (’09), Jim Henderson (’09), Martin Maldonado (’09)
Oklahoma City (2): Oswaldo Navarro (’05), Ryan Rowland-Smith (’03)
Omaha (1): Lorenzo Cain (’09)
Salt Lake (1): Ryan Ketchner (’04)
Tacoma (9): Leury Bonilla (’08), Greg Halman (’07), Caesar Jimenez (’03), Alex Liddi (’08), Johan Limonta (’06), Edward Paredes (’08), Carlos Peguero (’07), Matt Tuiasosopo (’05), Mike Wilson (’05)

Mexican League:
Diablos Rojos del Mexico (1): Juan Sandoval (’03)
Leones de Yucatan (1): Israel Nunez (’08)

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