Lineup & Game Notes: May 2, 2011

An awesome morning for Baseball at Modern Woodmen Park.

More later today.  We are about 15 minutes behind schedule due to a train blocking us from getting into the ballpark this morning…No, Seriously…a train.

Broadcast starts at 10:45am with the Miller Lite Pregame Show.  Charly Bashara is the guest this morning.  Tune in on AM1280, WNAM or through the internet.  Or maybe try this internet feed:

Monday’s Lineup:
Nick Shaw – 2B
Cody Hawn – 1B
Mike Walker – 3B
Chris Dennis – DH
Robbie Garvey – LF
Franklin Romero – RF
Carlos George – SS
Tony Pechek – C
Reggie Keen – CF

Monday’s Starter:
Austin Ross

Monday’s Lineup: RattlersGameNotesMay2

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Yep, that just became my desktop wallpaper for today…cuz the weather here (41, overcast & of course…windy) is spot on for what it’s been the last month…crappy!

I know from an earlier post how Chris Dennis came to be a Rattler this weekend…are you able to expound on that/plans for him?

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