Vote for the Fan’s Choice Bobblehead

It is time again for you to vote for the Fan’s Choice Bobblehead!

Help the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers pick who should be immortalized as a bobblehead. The winning selection will be given away on Monday, August 29th at Time Warner Cable Field. Voting will run through the end of the Midwest League All Star Break.

The choices are:

  • Asdrubal Cabrera (’05), current Cleveland infielder
  • Khris Davis (’10), Single Season Home Run Record Holder for the Franchise
  • Cody Hawn (’11)
  • Matt Miller (’11)
  • Jimmy Nelson (’11)
  • Austin Ross (’11)
  • Tyler Thornburg (’11)

Head over to the link above and vote!

Just keep in mind that the winner of the Fan’s Choice Bobblehead in 2009 was Brett Lawrie.  In 2010, the Fans Choice bobblehead was Jake Odorizzi.

1 Comment

I think we all know who I voted for…and i’m efforting to get the Vol Nation on board (because I can only vote once…darn it!)…so we’ll see. Just trying to do my part!

Question: Is the fact that I can no longer immediately see my insightful and witty comments (i.e. the approval function is now active) due only in part to the one overly negative bad apple who hasn’t been back since? Just curious…like any good narcissist I love reading my work…right away!🙂

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