Postgame thoughts (May 4 & 5)

The visiting radio section of the press box at Pohlman Field.

Wednesday, May 4

@Beloit 4, Rattlers 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • I said it last night after the game and I’ll say it again today: Adrian Salcedo is pretty good.  Look, he’s a top prospect in the Twins organization. He shut down a hot hitting Timber Rattlers team on Wednesday.  He walked one.  It was impressive and worth the tip of the cap.
  • Not sure what it was, but Matt Miller seemed a little off in the first inning plus.  I thought, ‘That’s unusual.’ when he hit Roberts on a 2-0 pitch.
  • You know who kept that game from getting out of hand? Nick Shaw.  The Snappers had runners at second and third with one out and up 2-0 in the top of the second.  Andy Leer sent a hard shot back through the middle.  Shaw made a diving back-handed stop and got the out at first.  IF that one gets through, two runs are in, there’s a runner at first and who knows where the inning goes from there.
  • After that play, Miller settled in and kept the Snappers off the board.  He tossed a total of 6-2/3 innings.  It may have been a loss, but it was another quality start, his third straight and the eleventh of the season by the Rattlers starting pitchers.
  • Thirteen strikeouts by the offense.  Yes, it’s tough to put pressure on the defense when you are not putting the ball in play.
  • Number of times Cody Hawn hit the ball on the button = 3
  • Number of hits for Cody Hawn in the game = 1
  • It’s sick when you think about it…really, it is…The line drive in the sixth inning was particularly funny in a tragic, oh my gosh I can’t believe it happened again.  Hawn hits a line drive to left-center.  Santana, the shortstop, leaps. The ball barely sticks in his webbing for the classic Ice Cream Scoop picture.
  • Franklin Romero bumps hitting streak to eight games.  He has four plate appearances, went 1-for-4 with a double and a run scored.  He is swinging at almost EVERY first pitch but it is working for him right now.
  • Chris Dennis hustled for a double in the sixth inning.  I thought it was a single with no problem, but Dennis saw something and made it well ahead of the throw.  I talked to him about it before today’s game and he said that he was working with Dwayne Hosey this spring and during his time in Brevard County on picking up on things that the outfielders do that would allow him to take an extra base.  He gave a lot of credit to Dwayne Hosey.

Thursday, May 5

@Beloit 10, Rattlers 5
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Is that fifth inning still going?  I mean…whoa!
  • And in case you are wondering: No, it is not the longest inning I’ve ever called.  That honor goes to the 11-run inning that the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays tagged the Rattlers with on June 6, 2005.  The thing that made that one even longer was the fact that it was the Night game of a Day-Night Doubleheader.  And the Devil Rays had won game one 12-2.  The score in the night game was 4-2 when the top of the sixth inning started that day. Then,
  • P. Cottrell doubles to center field. C. Nowak lines out to O. Navarro. Pitcher Change: C. Bello replaces J. Santiago. With R. Asanovich batting, wild pitch by C. Bello, P. Cottrell to 3rd. R. Asanovich doubles to left field, P. Cottrell scores. C. Markel hit by pitch. C. Lopez singles through the hole at shortstop, R. Asanovich to 3rd; C. Markel to 2nd. S. Cumberland hits a grand slam to right field on a 0-0 pitch, R. Asanovich scores; C. Markel scores; C. Lopez scores. P. Breen walks. F. Perez hit by pitch, P. Breen to 2nd. R. Brignac walks, P. Breen to 3rd; F. Perez to 2nd. P. Cottrell hits a ground rule double to center field, P. Breen scores; F. Perez scores; R. Brignac to 3rd. C. Nowak singles to center field, R. Brignac scores; P. Cottrell to 3rd. Pitcher Change: S. Grasley replaces C. Bello. R. Asanovich singles to left field, P. Cottrell scores; C. Nowak to 2nd. C. Markel singles to right field, C. Nowak scores; R. Asanovich to 3rd. C. Lopez out on a sacrifice fly to J. Womack, R. Asanovich scores. S. Cumberland grounds out, O. Navarro to S. Grasley.
    (11 Runs, 8 Hits, 0 Errors, 1 LOB)
  • OOF!
  • Today it was…
  • Pitcher Change: Dan Britt replaces Del Howell. Jamaal Hawkins singles on a ground ball to third baseman Gregory Hopkins. Nate Roberts doubles (2) on a fly ball to center fielder Reggie Keen. Jamaal Hawkins scores. Michael Gonzales walks. Daniel Ortiz doubles (11) on a ground ball to right fielder Franklin Romero. Nate Roberts scores. Michael Gonzales to 3rd. Andy Leer homers (1) on a fly ball to left field. Michael Gonzales scores. Daniel Ortiz scores. Pitcher Change: Tyler Cravy replaces Dan Britt. Tobias Streich singles on a ground ball to center fielder Reggie Keen. Wang-Wei Lin singles on a fly ball to center fielder Reggie Keen. Tobias Streich to 2nd. Gunner Glad doubles (3) on a ground ball to left fielder Robert Garvey. Tobias Streich scores. Wang-Wei Lin scores. Daniel Santana doubles (3) on a fly ball to left fielder Robert Garvey. Gunner Glad scores. Jamaal Hawkins strikes out swinging. Nate Roberts singles on a fly ball to right fielder Franklin Romero. Daniel Santana to 3rd. Michael Gonzales lines out to right fielder Franklin Romero. Daniel Ortiz strikes out swinging. (8 Runs, 9 Hits, 0 Errors, 2 LOB)
  • OOF!
  • No promises, but keep in mind that the 2005 Rattlers were just fine after that and went on to the Midwest League Championship Series.
  • Positives.  Robbie Garvey is fast.  He hit a ball to left-center that should have only been a double. He turned on the jets and turned the hit into a triple.
  • Three hits for Garvey in the game bumped his average up to .226.  I talked to him briefly after we got off the bus back at the hotel.  “Starting to figure it out.” He said.
  • Three hits for Shaw.  He is 8-for-13 in his last three games.  His average has jumped from .119 to .208.  OBP =.360
  • Romero with ANOTHER outfield assist.  He has five and is tied for the MWL lead in that category. Teams are going to stop running on him.
  • Romero with a 2-run double in the 7th to extend his hitting streak to nine games.  He is 15-for-33 during the streak.  Teams are going to stop throwing him first pitch fastballs in the strike zone.  Then, it’s all in the adjustments.
  • Number of baseballs Cody Hawn hit on the button = 2
  • Number of hits for Cody Hawn on Thursday = 1
  • The line drive down the first base line in the ninth inning was particularly galling for Hawn.  Galling…that’s a word that can be used as a synonym for frustrating right?  I don’t have time to check Roget’s.
  • Damon Krestalude and Eric Marzec work scoreless relief over the last three innings. That’s good.  That was also Marzec’s first outing since April 25.
  • Marzec walked one, but also struck out three in a good ‘Get Your Feet Wet’ kind of outing.
  • By my unofficial count, Del Howell had 71 pitches and 34 of those were strikes. Um, yeah.
  • Good talk with Jeff Vohs, the GM of the Snappers for the pregame show today. The story on a new stadium for the Snappers is simple…If they had $20 Million, they could break ground right now. If they won Powerball on a Wednesday night at 10pm, I have a feeling they would be out at the site by 10:30 with picks & shovels.
  • Take a look at that photo up top. The main reason I want to see a new stadium for the Snappers is in that picture and it has nothing to do with the radio booth.  The center field wall…the big blue thing…is only 380′ from home plate.  Yeesh.  The softball diamond in the complex has a distance of 287′.
  • Jimmy Nelson on the hill tomorrow at 6:30pm.  Then, it’s back home starting on Saturday night.
  • UPDATE: Forgot this, but I thought this was interesting enough to share on twitter this morning: Fun @TimberRattlers fact. Greg Hopkins is hitting 5th & playing third base today. That means #5 is playing Pos. #5 and batting 5th on 5/5!  Hasta la vista, baby.


Point of parliamentary procedure!

I don’t think you can mention the 2005 Timber Rattlers without paying homage to one…Matthew…P…Tuiasosopo

Let’s get this last one in Beloit and come home to rattle (yep, i went there) off a few during this home-stand! We’ll be there Saturday night!

Although it saddens me that i could get two behind the Rattlers dugout in the first row…today over lunch. C’mon Rattler Nation, get out and support the team!

Why should I mention him, when I know that you’ll be there to do it?

Well played Mehring…well played

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