Postgame post (May 10, 2011)

Video Highlights:

Rattlers 4, Kernels 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • For the prospect watchers out there, Yadiel Rivera got the start at short and looked very good on defense.  Strong, accurate throws to first and solid work around second on the 3-6-3 double play turned with Cody Hawn in the fifth inning.  And his throw home on the relay to get the runner at the plate in the first inning…HOLY MACKEREL!  I mean it’s the first higlight in the video above.  Go watch it if you haven’t already.  Now…Rivera at the plate…
  • …His single in the sixth was right back through the middle…He struck out swinging on his other two at bats.
  • Still some work to do for Rivera.  But, who doesn’t need to work on some things at this level.
  • Del Howell walked one batter tonight. That is all.
  • Okay, maybe not. Howell was 13-1 in ground out/fly out ratio.  Since, I saw a question somewhere…The other balls put in play against Del were: Ground single into left…Ground double down the third base line…Home run…ground ball kicked for an E-3…Line drive single to center…fly ball single to right…
  • I’m not up on this GO/AO ratio but there were two popups that were not included in the AO part of the ratio..13/3? Still not bad. Right?  These new stats are tough.
  • Since coming off the disabled list, Eric Marzec has pitched six scoreless innings, allowed two hits, walked three, and struck out nine.
  • Franklin Romero has an 11-game hitting streak.  His RBI single in the second inning tied the game.  During his streak, Romero is 16-for-41 (.390).  The only other current hitting streak that is longer than Romero’s is the 13-gamer that belongs to Micah Gibbs of Peoria.
  • A few games ago, I compare the Rattlers offense to the Badger basketball team. Tonight was an example of that.  Drought conditions despite favorable scoring conditions for a long time.  Then…Mike Bruesewitz for three….Book it!…Jordan Taylor drives the lane! YES!…Jon Leuer….GOT IT!…Time out Indiana!
  • Playing the role of Mike Bruesewitz for three was Chris Dennis whose two-run triple put the Rattlers up 3-1.  Jordan Taylor was played by Mike Walker’s RBI single.  Greg Hopkins should have been Jon Leuer tonight with an RBI double, but since it was a ground rule double Walker had go back to third base.
  • I want to be Matt Lepay….for just one day. Can you tell?
  • I feel old because when I saw Braulio Pardo as the catcher for the Cedar Rapids Kernels, I thought of Don Pardo.
  • Jimmy Nelson’s turn tomorrow.

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