Postgame thoughts (May 11, 2011)

Video highlights:

Rattlers 9, Kernels 7
Boxscore | Game Story

  • The 7-run inning in the bottom of the fifth inning was the largest inning for the Rattlers as an affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • The last time the Rattlers scored more than five runs in an inning was on June 25, 2008.  The Rattlers scored seven runs in the fourth inning at Cedar Rapids…They lost to the Kernels 15-14 in a game that was suspended and picked up the following day.
  • The way the wind was blowing I did not think that Chris Dennis got enough to get that ball out in the fifth.  He did.
  • Against the wind. We were young and strong, we were running against the wind.
  • I always think that it is cool when a Timber Rattlers player hits a home run over the Milwaukee Brewers billboard.
  • Jimmy Nelson with another quality start.  That’s four in six starts.
  • What I liked about his outing tonight was the way that he came back out for the sixth and set down the Kernels in order.  How many times over the years have you seen the Rattler rally to take a lead only to have the opponents come back out and score again in their very next at bat.  Nelson got that lead and set down the Kernels in order on 10 pitches with a strikeout and two grounders.
  • It reminded me of a line from an episode of ColumboThe Conspirators, which was the final Columbo episode on NBC.  This far…and no farther.
  • I KNOW that it was Mike Walker at first base tonight. I just got locked in on Cody Hawn playing there this season.  I’m an A-ball announcer for a reason.
  • Yadiel Rivera. 6-3 double play with the runner going. Yes. Defense. Good.
  • Franklin Romero extended his hitting streak to 12 games with a bunt single in the fifth.  Micah Gibbs of Peoria also extended his hitting streak tonight.  Gibbs has reached 13 games.  Those are the two longest current streaks in the MWL.
  • Wrap your head around this: Nick Shaw has faced Kernels pitcher Justin La Tempa six times this season. He was walked five times and been hit by a pitch.  La Tempa has pitched 29 innings and walked 10 batters this season.
  • Those of you who had the fifth inning on May 11 in the ‘First Matt Erickson Ejection’ Pool please turn in your tickets.
  • I think that he went out there to protect Walker…(Mike Walker Fact: Mike Walker doesn’t need protection.  Mike Walker IS protection)…from getting tossed because of Walker’s reaction to the call…which was the double by David Harris to put the Kernels up 3-0.
  • Dusty Rhodes looked he wanted to have a debate on a call in the eighth inning when Dan Britt looked like he threw out Carlos Ramirez at first but Walker was ruled to have pulled his foot off the base.  He figured it would be better to stay in the game.  If Chris Hook says something on a close ball/strike call then your looking at the last few minutes of the game turning out like the end of Varsity Blues with the West Canaan Coyotes running the show without Bud Kilmer.
  • I don’t know why I referred to the movie. I hate that movie.
  • However, “I don’t want. Your life.” has got to be one of the most unintentionally funny lines in any movie
  • And do people really want to go to Brown THAT bad?  Really?
  • Oh, baseball.. Sorry…It’s been a long day.
  • Greg Holle’s ninth inning was like the game. It wasn’t pretty but it got the job done.  He is 7-for-7 in save opportunities this season.
  • Something to keep your eye on for tomorrow night: Ricky Alvarez has struck out to end the game each of the last two nights.
  • Something else to be on the look out for tomorrow night: Zach Braddock will be the starter.  He is set for 20 pitches. Austin Ross is scheduled to come on in relief tomorrow.

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Rivera has some work to do at the plate (as all young hitters do), but his glove is…wow. Fantastic turn on that double play.

And not to be left out, Hopkins had two nice picks and throws over at third last night as well.

I think that was my first ever in person grand slam…glad it was the Rattlers and glad it contributed to a win!

Varsity Blues is a train wreck…yet I seem to watch it if i flip by it…”Tweeder drank beers….cuz well, that’s what Tweeder does.”

But in Scott Caan’s defense…that was 1999. He’s come a long way, I am a big new Hawaii Five-O guy.

And clearly with the Rattlers at .500 this has to be the song of the day…

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