Lineup & Game Notes (May 15, 2011)

The tarp is coming off the field at Alliant Energy Field before Sunday's game between the Rattlers and the Clinton LumberKings


The grounds crew is working to get everything ready for today’s game and I think that we are on schedule for a 2:00pm start time in Clinton.

And by grounds crew, I am going to include Rich Dorman, the pitching coach for the Clinton LumberKings.  He was getting the mound ready in the Clinton bullpen while the regular grounds crew was taking the tarp off the field.

I say again…PLAY BALL!

Sunday’s Lineup:
Nick Shaw – 2B
Greg Hopkins – 3B
Cody Hawn –  DH
Mike Walker – 1B
Reggie Keen – CF
TJ Mittelstaedt – LF
Tyler Roberts – C
Robbie Garvey – RF
Yadiel Rivera – SS

Sunday’s Starting pitcher:
Charly Bashara

Sunday’s Game Notes: RattlersGameNotesMay15

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