Postgame thoughts (May 14, 2011)

Tom Keeling flips the ball to Cody Hawn for the final out of Saturday's game, a 7-5 Rattlers win over Clinton on a rainy night at Alliant Energy Field.

Rattlers 7, LumberKings 5
Boxscore | Game Story

  • That picture doesn’t give the true feeling of the rain, cold, and wind tonight.  You can see the puddles and mud forming on the warning track in the lower right hand corner of the picture.  You notice that Terry Pollreisz is wearing a jacket as he coaches first base.  Terry NEVER wears a jacket when he’s on the field.
  • This weather was more akin to the final 18 holes of a British Open on the Old Course at St. Andrew’s.
  • But, nice job by the Clinton grounds crew to get it in.  There were times it got really bad, but play on they did.
  • Plus, no one wanted a doubleheader tomorrow
  • The Rattlers had the fastest on-field post-victory handshake line I’ve seen.  They were done and off the field before I could send it to a commercial break.
  • In last night’s post, I mentioned that Tyler Thornburg was under 50% in first pitch strikes.  Tonight, Matt Miller had to be between 65% and 75% first strikes.  There were a couple of times he was 0-2 on hitters.  But, he wound up going deep into those counts.  Nice win for Miller and the defense helped him out a bit.
  • HOWEVER, after the error on Shaw in the sixth, Morris grooved one to Tim Morris and Morris cranked it for a homer to cut the lead to 4-3.  That was the first homer allowed by Miller this season.  It was also his last pitch of the game.
  • Do not eject Mike Walker.  It only makes him mad.  He lined a two-out, two-run double in the top of the first and the Rattlers were up 2-0.
  • Tony Pechek limped back to the dugout after a grounder to first in the second. He tripled and scored on a wild pitch in the fifth inning.  Go figure.
  • Eric Marzec with two scoreless innings.  He still hasn’t allowed a run in eight innings since coming off the DL.  He’s only allowed two hits in those eight innings.
  • Brian Garman should have worked a perfect eighth, but a dropped third strike and a hit batsman extended the inning.  He didn’t let it bug him.
  • STOSH! should have worked a scoreless ninth. I’m not going to fault him for the two runs scored.  The weather conditions had a lot to do with Wisconsin being unable to turn the third double play of the night on Clinton’s Steven Baron.
  • You read that right, Baron grounded into two double plays and it could have been three.
  • Keeling gets the out.
  • Yes. I am overcompensating for not mentioning the work done by Tyler Cravy last night.  Sue me. It’s my blog.
  • I feel bad for Eddie Menchaca, Rich Dorman, and Poles, three guys on the L-Kings coaching staff who were part of the Rattlers at one point or another in their career.  I wouldn’t wish 9-28 on my worst enemy.
  • There was some horrific defense by the LumberKings let the Rattlers put the game away in the seventh inning.  I mean the throw to first on Hawn’s grounder…I can’t do it justice…Eddie probably wanted to grab a glove and go out there.
  • If you read the story, you already know a couple of things.  The Rattlers have not won seven in a row since 2003.  They are three games over .500 for the first time since they were 3-0 to start the 2009 season.
  • Here are the games from that winning streak back in 2003:
    5/29  @FW        Win   9-4
    5/30  v. WMI   Win  12-2
    6/1      v. WMI   Win   4-1  Game one of DH
    6/1      v. WMI   Win   4-1  Game two of DH
    6/2     v. WMI   Win   8-4
    6/3     v. FW     Win   7-4
    6/4     v. FW    Win   2-1  14 Innings
    6/5     v. FW    Win  13-3
    6/6     v. FW    Tie     1-1    6 innings
    6/7     @SB      Win  12-4
  • Yes, I tie.  I’l explain later when I have more time.
  • Do I really want to go back and see the last time the Rattlers were four games over .500?  No. But, I will.
  • Something to think about for tomorrow.  The rain was really coming down hard late in the game.  The infield took a lot of rain during the game.  The grounds crew got the tarp on the field, but you can’t unring a bell.  That water on the infield isn’t going to dry overnight.  The rain is supposed to stick around and the weather forecast doesn’t look any better for tomorrow.  Sunday is the last meeting of the half between the Rattlers and the LumberKings. A rain out would actually help the Rattlers prepare for the week of doubleheaders they have in front of them. But, Clinton will do everything in their power to get the game in for the gate and for the integrity of the schedule.   I’ll want to call the game, but it does add an interesting dynamic to Sunday.
  • That’s all for tonight.  I don’t think McDonald’s will let me stay here any longer.  (The wireless over here is so much better than the hotel right now).
  • Well, this will be all.  I don’t remember seven having a School House Rock song, but I guess it did:

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