Lineup & Game Notes (May 19, 2011)

In the immortal words of John Winger, I wish I hadn’t drank so much cough syrup.  But, since my feelings on sick days mirror the thoughts of Russell Ziskey on the Russians, we will proceed with the frivolities tonight.

Two things that I am sure everyone else has seen, but since I just found them today:

The Midwest League website has a profile of Austin Ross.

“Pitching every fifth day has helped,” Ross said. “In the college game, you had metal bats, hot weather, small parks. … I gave up a lot of hits. The entire pro ball thing has helped me. I’m real confident right now.”

“I’m throwing a lot more changeups,” Ross said. “Teams know that I have it and have to respect it. I’m not just a fastball-slider guy.”

I should say not.

This video seems appropriate since the Rattlers are playing the Beloit Snappers tonight:

One other thing.  There are two roster moves to announce right now:

LHP Del Howell is on the DL retroactive to May 14
RHP Brooks Hall has been transferred to the Timber Rattlers from the Arizona League Brewers.

As of now, Hall is scheduled to make the start in game one of Saturday’s doubleheader.  But, that may change.

There may be two more roster moves in the next 90 minutes.  I am just waiting on official confirmation.

Game one Lineup:
Reggie Keen – CF
TJ Mittelstaedt – 2B
Cody Hawn – DH
Chris Dennis – 1B
Mike Walker – 3B
Tyler Roberts – C
Franklin Romero – RF
Robbie Garvey – LF
Yadiel Rivera – SS

Game one starting pitcher: Tyler Thornburg
Game two starting pitcher: Matt Miller

Thursday’s game notes: RattlersGameNotesMay19
(They were saved when Braddock was still going to start tonight.  Keep that in mind)

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John Winger! What about Kip Winger! Heh-Ohhhhhhh!

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