Postgame Post (May 23, 2011)

Video Highlights:

Timber Rattlers 4, Bees 3
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Tonight on It’s the Mind we examine the phenomenon of deja vu, that strange feeling you sometimes get
  • Seriously though, if 4-3 works…4-3 works.
  • What happened to Zach Braddock? Take it away, Tom Haudricourt: Zach Bradock had his third rehab outing with Class A Wisconsin canceled when he cracked a fingernail warming up in the bullpen and couldn’t properly grip the ball.
  • That’s what happened to Zach Braddock.
  • Austin Ross was pressed into service early and gave up some weird runs.  But, only three runs in 5-2/3 innings.
  • He did give up nine hits. That was a lot.
  • Weird weather day.  Bright blue to battleship gray to pouring rain and back again.  It was like a goofy screen saver or time lapse video.
  • Ross threw a lot of pitches in the first inning and I’m not sure if it was because he had to come in before he was supposed to or if he was trying to figure out the strike zone or what exactly it was, but he got through 5-2/3.
  • Eric Marzec took a wicked line drive off his right hip to start the seventh inning.  He gathered himself to track down the ball and get the first out of the inning.  He stayed in game and added another 1-1/3 innings to his scoreless month of May.
  • Greg Holle with a drama-free, two-inning save.  He is now 11-for-11 in saves.
  • I had stepped out of the booth as Holle started jogging into game.  I heard the rain start, but did not see how heavy it had become until I returned to the booth.  I think it was raining harder at that time than at any time during the rain delay on Saturday.
  • But, 20 minutes later, game on.  Two innings later game over.
  • Mike Walker hit that home run to left-center on an 0-2 pitch.  I still can’t believe he got a pitch that good on an 0-2 pitch.  Walker’s last three games against the Bees…Home Run…HBP…Home Run.  To be continued…on July 30?  Well, maybe not.
  • Robbie Garvey with a three hit day today!
  • What? The Rattlers and Bees don’t play again until July 30?  Sheesh.
  • Wisconsin took 4 of 5 from the division leading Bees. The Rattlers are five back of the Bees and there are 26 games left on the schedule.
  • This homestand was a huge accomplishment for this Rattlers team.  Think back before the start of the 10-games in seven days.  If I had told you that  Miller would leave after two batters, there would be three games that could be considered Johnny All-Staff (bullpen pitchers) games, three different pitchers would be called on to close out games, AND the offense would average 3.3 runs per game in those ten games, what would you have said to a 7-3 record? AND that six of the wins would have been by one run?
  • Stats are weird.  The Rattlers were actually outscored 37-33 on the homestand.
  • Again. Outstanding accomplishment for the Rattlers!
  • Not that they will get a chance to enjoy it.  14-games in 13-days on the road to Peoria, Kane County, Bowling Green, and Dayton.
  • For now. Enjoy it.  Talk to you tomorrow from Peoria!

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I don’t know that i’ll ever have the chance or means again to see three double headers in four days…good times!

Let’s keep it going on this long road trip!

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