Postgame Thoughts (May 27, 2011)

I hate this place.

Cougars 2, Timber Rattlers 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • No. Seriously. I hate Elfstrom Stadium.  I don’t have the records in front of me, but in my 11 seasons as the Rattlers announcer, Kane County has ‘walked the Rattlers off’ more that any other team.  It definitely feels that way.
  • I can feel the hate flow through me.
  • But, you want a little news and a little game analysis and an explanation as to why the internet feed decided to go to an extended commercial break near right before the top of the ninth inning….
  • Starting with the last one first, It just does. We try to catch it when it happens.  I get e-mails, but I can’t catch every one in time. Facebook posts to the Rattlers website are good, but I don’t have that website up all the time. Best way to let me know is to send something to @TimberRattlers and/or @CMehring on twitter.  Those two are almost always up on my computer during the game.  If you listen on the internet send a tweet (NOT A DIRECT MESSAGE) to either one of those that says, HEY @CMEHRING, THE @TIMBERRATTLERS INTERNET FEED ON @1280WNAM IS DOWN!
  • If the commercial break is longer than three minutes, that’s how you know the internet feed is down.  The engineer in the studio will get it back up and working ASAP.
  • Game Analysis.
  • Eighteen strikeouts by the Rattlers offense tonight.  Kane County starter Yordano Ventura with 10 in five innings. Reliever Greg Billo with eight in four innings.
  • Tonight was the fourth time this month an opposing starter has reached double digits in Ks against the Rattlers. James Paxton (CLN) 10 on May 13; Taijuan Walker (CLN) 11 on May 15; Manuel Soliman (BEL) 11 on May 17 were the others.
  • Ventura would have been pulled over had he been driving on Ventura Highway where the days are longer and the nights are stronger than moonshine. He was hitting 94 easy.
  • Speaking of pitching, let’s hear it for Jameson Dunn.  For you velocity mavens out there, the stadium gun had him at 91-92.  He showed some good pitchability with the off speed stuff and he froze a couple of righties with a  good curve.  Plus, he got out of an adverse situation (Runner at third with one out in the 5th) with a popup and a strikeout.
  • Franklin Romero with a great throw to the plate in the seventh to keep the game scoreless for a bit longer.  Romero with six assists.  Rattlers outfielders now with 20!
  • Nick Shaw with a single in the first to extend his hitting streak to nine games by punching a ball through the left side of the infield on a hit and run play with Keen running from first.  But, his walk in the ninth was big, too.  He worked the count full against Billo and took a pitch well off the outside corner to set the stage for…
  • WALKER, TIMBER RATTLER. Walker got a first pitch from Billo to drive and he cracked it to right-center for a double to tie the game.
  • HOWEVER, the Cougars loaded the bases in the bottom of the ninth against Marzec.  Holle came on and got the grounder he needed.
  • BUT, Rivera threw wildly to the plate and the winning run scored.
  • damn.
  • Rivera will be back and he will be fine.  It happens.  The thing with the good ones is that it is a shocking play when something like that happens.  Yes, shock was the reaction from the radio booth on that play.
  • Do you have any idea how close Marzec was to getting away with something in the 9th.  Ryan Stovall led off the inning with a line drive over the head of Reggie Keen in center.  He was trying to stretch the hit into a triple.  He fell down…just flat fell down…halfway between second and third.  He should have been out easily because Walker followed him to second base as Shaw and Rivera went out for the cutoff.  But, Shaw rushed the throw to third and the ball sailed over Greg Hopkins and Marzec backing up.  The ball hit off the new protective screen on the railing in front of the Rattlers dugout.  Stovall managed to get back to second.  Who knows how that inning might have played out if Stovall is out on that play.
  • But, he wasn’t.
  • damn.
  • I know there will be some questions about this so…Tyler Roberts left the game after a foul bunt got him on his throwing hand in the bottom of the seventh.  He took a few warmup tosses after that to try to stay in the game. His first two throws back to Marzec sailed over the pitcher’s head.  He missed Hopkins a few tosses later and was removed from the game in favor of Tony Pechek.
  • Roberts was on the seat across from me on the ride back to the hotel and he said that he felt fine now, but couldn’t feel the ball at the time.  He may be out tomorrow, but he thought that he would be back soon.
  • Happy Austin Ross Day on Saturday.

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