Postgame Thoughts (May 29, 2011)

Two pictures tonight.  Click the second for a larger image:


Tyler Roberts in control at Kane County on May 29.


See the Bud Light sign in left-center? Tyler Roberts first home run cleared that Bud Light sign.

Rattlers 2, Cougars 0
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Tyler Thornburg…HOLY MACKEREL!
  • Eight strikeouts. NO WALKS!
  • Unofficially: 108 pitches (76 strikes)
  • His scoreless streak is now at 19-1/3 innings.  No runs allowed in his last three starts (6IP, 3IP, & 9IP).
  • Thornburg gave up five hits on Sunday. I would qualify four of those hits as infield singles.  The other was a “dying quail” that barely dropped in front of a diving Robbie Garvey in left field.
  • One of those infield singles was a ball that rolled 70 feet down the third base line and stopped dead on the line.
  • The other two infield singles turned into a pair of outs.  No really.
  • If you look at the play-by-play of Sunday’s game you will see those two plays that will make you go…WHAT?
    Fourth Inning:
    Jacob Kuebler singles on a ground ball to second baseman Nick Shaw. Ryan Stovall out at 3rd, second baseman Nick Shaw to third baseman Gregory Hopkins.

    Fifth Inning:
    Yowill Espinal singles on a ground ball to second baseman Nick Shaw. Julio Aparicio out at 3rd, second baseman Nick Shaw to third baseman Gregory Hopkins.

  • In the fourth, the ball barely made it into the outfield and Stovall thought it got a lot deeper.  Shaw tracked down the ball just on the outfield grass and fired a strike to third to get the out.
  • In the fifth, Aparicio was running on the pitch and Shaw went to cover second.  The ball plopped down in the baseline between first and second.  Aparicio thought the ball got into the outfield and went for third. Shaw tracked down the ball and Aparicio was out by a lot at third.
  • I went my whole life without seeing a 4-5 putout at third after a single. Then, it happens in consecutive innings.
  • Speaking of weird plays.  Here is one from the bottom of the second:  Travis Jones reaches on a fielder’s choice out, third baseman Gregory Hopkins unassisted. Lane Adams out at 3rd
  • That out was for obstruction.  Jones just plain ran over Hopkins on a grounder.
  • Let me put those five Kane County hits into perspective one more time.  One of Tyler Roberts home runs went farther than all five hits the Cougars had tonight.
  • Two different kinds of homers from Tyler Roberts on Sunday. The first was a moon shot. The other was a Laser. Both cleared the various obstructions around the ballpark.
  • The first was on a 2-1 pitch. The second was on 2-0 pitch.  Hitter’s counts. Go figure. Yes. He’s still below .200, but maybe the switch got flipped a little bit tonight.
  • The Rattlers did not get a chance to hit on the field today.  AGAIN! That is five days in a row without being able to batting practice on the field.
  • Didn’t bother Roberts and it didn’t bother Reggie Keen either.  ReGGieReg21 with two ringing doubles on Sunday.
  • Playoff stuff.  Burlington got rained out. They play two against Quad Cities tomorrow.  Peoria won at Cedar Rapids.  The Rattlers still trail the Chiefs by a game. They are nine games behind Burlington.  20 games left in the half.
  • Day game tomorrow. Bus leaves for the ballpark at 9am. Charly Bashara on the mound.
  • The temperature is scheduled to jump from the 60s this weekend to the 90s tomorrow.
  • It’s about freaking TIME!

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Rattler fans better enjoy Tyler Thornburg while they can. I don’t think he will be in Appleton much longer.

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