Postgame thoughts (May 30, 2011)

I really, really hate this place.

Kane County 5, Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Story

  • I really hate this place
  • Do you wanna know how I got these scars?
  • Not that I wanna know, but I think I need to know about the number of times the Cougars have walked off the Timber Rattlers.  It has to be at least 20 times.
  • To the game: Charly Bashara worked around eight hits and one walk to allow just one run in 5-2/3 innings.  It was quite the high wire act.
  • STOSH! continues to pitch the HELL out of the baseball.  STOSH! has allowed no runs and struck out 13 over his last three outings (8-2/3 innings). He has allowed one hit in each outing and allowed three walks over those three outings.
  • The Rattlers had just two hits from the 1st to the 8th. Then, nine hits from the 9th through the 11th.
  • The key play in the 10th was the reversed wild pitch.  Cody Hawn at the plate. Reggie Keen at third. Nick Shaw at first.  Chase Boruff’s pitch was inside and got back to the screen.  Now…this next part is important: Hawn didn’t even move or react as if he had been hit by a pitch. Keen scored and Shaw made it all the way to third.  Vance Wilson came out to argue the call and got the plate umpire to go out and ask for help from the base umpire.
  • The more the umpires talked, the more I was convinced they were going to change the call.
  • Hawn stood at the plate in disbelief.
  • I’ll say this. If that ball hit him, Cody Hawn is worthy of at least a Golden Globe award. Because he did not react AT ALL as if he had been hit.
  • The umpires changed it and only through self-control did Matt Erickson, Dusty Rhodes, and Hawn avoid getting tossed from the game.
  • Still bases loaded. One out. Walker at the plate. 4-6-3 double play.
  • Badger basketball analogy to the offense in effect yesterday.  Long drought…then.. in the 11th Dennis double.  Garvey single! PECHEK DOUBLE!  Keen’s RBI grounder was the equivalent to a free throw during the run and it was 4-1 heading to the bottom of the 11th.
  • But, Greg Holle, who pitched a 1-2-3 10th, went out for the 11th and gave up four hits to the five batters he faced.
  • It was funny at the time, but a call by the base umpire, the same umpire who made the call to reverse the wild pitch in the top of the tenth, brought out arguments by both managers.  Here’s the play. Runner at first with Cheslor Cuthbert at the plate. Slow grounder to Greg Hopkins at third. Hopkins goes to second for the out the relay throw to first was late. I’m thinking (and saying) runner at first with one out.  BUT, the call went safe at second (because apparently Shaw didn’t hold the base?) and out at first.
  • Vance Wilson got out to the umpire first and argued, but this one would not get overturned. After that argument was over, Matt Erickson came out to argue the call at second.
  • Like I said. It was funny at the time.
  • As far as playoff implications go…Peoria blew a lead at Cedar Rapids and lost.  Burlington blew a lead in both games of a doubleheader at home and lost twice to Quad Cities.  The Rattlers are still a game behind Peoria for the Wild Card, but now Quad Cities is tied with the Rattlers for third.  Plus, Cedar Rapids is only a game behind Wisconsin and the QC. Burlington leads the Chiefs by 7-1/2 and the Rattlers and Bandits by 8-1/2. 19 games left for Wisconsin in the half.
  • But, the next 12 are against Eastern Division opponents.
  • TCB and hope for a little help.
  • Well, today is a new day and a new city.
  • For those of you curious, we arrived in Bowling Green around 1:15 and dropped the equipment off at the stadium and pulled into the hotel around 1:45am.
  • Just in time to catch the last 15 minutes of the Final Mission episode of ST: TNG on some random Bowling Green channel. SPOILER! Welsey saved the day on his last mission!…not really a spoiler.
  • That should be all for now. There is work to do and a Waffle House at which to eat lunch/breakfast/whatever the heck meal this is.

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Mmmmm. Waffle House. Fell in love with those when I was down in Atlanta.

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