Postgame thoughts (May 31, 2011)

I don't hate this place yet...But, I could learn to.

Hot Rods 4, Rattlers 3 (10 Innings)
Boxscore | Game Story

  • This will have to be brief.  It’s a 9am bus to the ballpark for the 12:05pm game on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Brooks Hall pitched into the eighth inning.  He’s showing some…oh, what’s the word…moxie? Do you kids these days know what ‘moxie’ is? The fourth inning could have been much worse. but he made some good pitches to limit the damage to two runs.
  • In fact, he made two pretty good pitches on the RBI singles in that inning.  Both were a couple of bloopers that just dropped in for hits to score the runs.
  • Unofficially I had him at 97 pitches (66 strikes).  The in-stadium gun had him at 89 pretty consistently.
  • He faced two batters in the eighth and retired neither. One of those runs scored and Hall wound up with a no decision.
  • Tony Pechek with a couple of RBI, including the one in the eighth to put the Rattlers up 3-2.
  • Here’s the thing about Pechek. He sounds worse than I did last week.  All I had to do was talk. He’s catching a game in a 92 degree heat index.  Plus, Pechek needs to get back out there again tomorrow because Tyler Roberts won’t be getting to Bowling Green until some time after Wednesday’s game has started.
  • Rattlers went 1-for-10 with runners in scoring position on Tuesday.
  • The Rattlers had the leadoff man on base in seven of the 10 innings.  The leadoff man scored one time.
  • There were four innings in which the Rattlers had two runners on base with one or fewer outs.  They scored in one of those innings.
  • I am a bit loathe to point this one out because I like both guys, but…Walker singles on the first pitch of the fourth inning.  Hawn walks on four pitches to put two runners on with no outs.  Dennis and Romero both swung at first pitches to popout. Pechek lined out to the mound on an 0-1 pitch to end the inning.
  • Oh, and that picture is my vantage point. The press box is down the third base line on the second deck. Also, that is a protective screen in front of me.  The protective screen runs from the roof to the dugout and from the end of the third base dugout all the way around to the end of the first base dugout.  No foul balls for the fans, but also no line drives, not shattered bats, and no scary situations either. This may be the wave of the future.
  • As if losing the second extra inning game in a row wasn’t enough…It was testing day today.  Usually it is done before the game and I guess some guys were, but we left the ballpark to get back to the hotel with about half the team still needing to…you know….go.
  • For as hot as it was on the field, the players were…how to put this…not hydrated enough to…you know…go.  So, there may still be some guys at the stadium right now trying to…you know…go.
  • Those guys will have to sleep fast. Bus leaves at 9am.

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The Wild Card is right there! I know this road trip must suck, but let’s get this day game Wednesday and finish out strong at Dayton before a nice six game home stand!

I’m going to quote Patches O’Houlihan, “You gotta get angry! You gotta get MEAN! That’s the only way you can play!”…but since that video isn’t very inspiring*….we’ll go with some Y&T

*and by inspiring I of course probably me only to me.

Boy, I hope you’re wrong about nets being strung like shrimp boats from dugout to dugout. I’m not at every home game, but i’m at a lot. And the people that I see getting hit with foul balls are ones that…AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION WHEN THEY’RE 30 FEET FROM THE BATTER! I’d really rather baseball fans not be penalized because some people can’t pay attention to the batter when he’s in the box.

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