Draft, 2011: Day One

The “First Year Player Draft” starts tonight.  At 5pm CDT.  It continues for 50 rounds over the next three days.

The Brewers draft 12th and 15th in the 1st round,  70th in the second round, 100th in the third round, & 131 in the 4th round.

MLB.com has a website devoted to the draft.  They also have a video preview with Jonathan Mayo.

Draft tracker will have all the picks.

Okay, you are most interested in the Brewers picks and which of those picks will be with the Rattlers at some point in 2011.

Here is your required reading:
Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has this article.

Bernie’s Crew….Just…Bernie’s Crew…or, if you want just one post over there try the Bernie’s Crew draft day thread.

That thread is where I found the link to this Jonathan Mayo article that projects the Brewers taking Sonny Gray, a pitcher out of Vanderbilt, and Tyler Anderson, a pitcher out of Oregon, with their first round picks.

I’m reluctant to send you to this mock draft at Baseball America because it’s from April 25…Come ON, guys…There’s gotta be a more recent one than that.  They have the Brewers taking George Springer (a pitcher out of UCONN) and Blake Swihart (a high school catcher out of the Cleveland area).

Round One is tonight.  Rounds 2 through 30 start tomorrow at 11:00am CDT.  Rounds 31-50 are Wednesday beginning at 11am CDT.

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Great linkage! Thanks!

Selfishly hoping for some college talent with a chance to help the Rattlers this year.

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