Postgame Thoughts (June 10, 2011)

TinCaps 11, Rattlers 5
Boxscore | Game Story

  • I do not have a lot to add tonight. The following passage from the game story tells the, um, story.

It was bad news all around the Midwest League scoreboard for the Timber Rattlers. Quad Cities, the leaders in the Western Division Wild Card race, destroyed Great Lakes 20-2. Peoria beat South Bend 6-3 and Beloit edged Lake County 3-2 in ten innings.

Wisconsin (32-29) has dropped into a three-way tie for third place remains in third place in the Western Division with Peoria (31-30) and Beloit (31-30) one game behind the Rattlers. All three teams Wisconsin trails Quad Cities (34-27) by two games in the chase for the Wild Card.*

  • Not impossible to make up two games over the final nine games.  But it sure as heck isn’t easy.
  • Brooks Hall topped out at 94 and was sitting 91-92.
  • But, this is the hardest he has been hit since joining the Rattlers.
  • Greg Hopkins.
  • Elaboration on Hopkins: 10-game hitting streak. In six games since going into the cleanup spot, Hopkins is 11-for-26 with nine RBI.
  • Five errors tonight.
  • Fort Wayne went through six pitchers tonight.
  • How about a couple of whimsical photos to close this post out.
  • *-I have been making way too many mistakes.

What the heck?

The torch lighting ceremony for the Badger State Games.


Eeeshh. As much fun as Wednesday afternoon was…

What the wind giveth, the wind taketh away. Couple of shots that would have carried easily Wednesday afternoon were just knocked down last night.

Haven’t seen yet this year Riveria & Shaw press so much in the field. That was odd.

And when i was complaining Wednesday after just sitting still and sweating like i’d just given birth…I meant no disrespect Mother Nature and certainly didn’t mean for you to swing the temps 45 degrees! My goodness. That was great…opening night…weather last night.

Chin up fellas…


You might want to check Shaw’s feilding %. before you group him with Yadi. I”m not sure where you came up with that unquantifiable statement. Mr. Shaw has one of the best fielding % in the entire league at his position. Seven errors is commendable for a second baseman at this juncture of the season. Thats hardly what I would call pressing. I appreciate and enjoy your entertaining and usually knowledgeable posts but this one one was just goofy.

I know that The Kid can take care of himself, but I believe that he was referring to just that one game on June 10. Not to the entire season.

That would make sense if that is the case. I mean no disrespect to The Kid at all.

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