Postgame thoughts (June 12, 2011)

Rattlers 4, TinCaps 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Watch the video.  I’m not sure what else I can add to that stuff.
  • JIMMY!
  • Did you see him in the highlight after getting the strikeout to end the seventh inning? You can’t tell me that he didn’t enjoy that outing today.
  • That was a vast improvement from his first start of the homestand.
  • He hit 94 on the gun and struck out eight.  Still needs a little refinement and there were four stolen bases on him.  BUT, he pitched like a second round pick!  That is very good.
  • Greg Holle is used to pitching with runners on base. So, I wasn’t surprised to see him get out of that jam in the 8th.
  • Tyler Roberts has had a tough series at the plate, but look at the defensive play that he made on the low throw from Hopkins for the second out of that eighth inning.  Tough play.  But, Country made it.
  • Speaking of Hopkins…HE’S ON FIRE!  Three more hits today and another RBI.  His hitting streak is now at 12 games.  Plus, with all of the defensive plays….I believe that to use a more accurate video game reference…Hopkins is in God Mode.
  • Nick Shaw is not far behind.  He is on his second 10-game hitting streak of the season and his batting average is at .262.
  • Damn. Peoria won. Beloit won. Quad Cities won.  Up-to-date Wild Card Standings:
    QC: 35-28
    WI: 33-30
    PEO: 33-30
    BEL: 33-30
  • This will not be easy.
  • Here are the scheduled pitchers for the Rattlers on the road trip:
    TUE: Austin Ross
    WED: Tyler Thornburg/TBA
    THU: Brooks Hall
    FRI: Jimmy Nelson
    SAT: Jameson Dunn
    SUN: Austin Ross
  • Okay. Off day on Monday. I may post. I may not. Not sure yet.  A lot of the players will be at the Golf Outing for the Miracle League of the Fox Valley.
  • Right now..PRINCE! First place Brewers! Yes, a long way to go, but I love it.


I, like the Rattlers, was going to take the day off…from the blog. Mostly cuz Mehring must be sick of just seeing my comments…heck, i’m sick of seeing just my comments!

But then I was made aware of a certain blocked commenter that was again attempting to just fill the blogesphere with negative waves. I guess they still primarily are centered around Tyler Roberts.

Never mind these guys are kids. Never mind that for most of them this is their first full season of professional ball. I just don’t get it.

Yesterday made game number 21 for me. All I’ve seen is effort. You’re so close to the action that you can see the disgust in a players face after an out, after a booted ball, after a bad inning pitched, as they return to the dugout.

And for the handful of Rattlers that Tweet, you can read their emotions after a loss. Don’t mean to call him out, but this recent story had a nice ending…Jimmy Nelson has been hard on himself recently and nobody needed a good game more than he did. And he dug down and got it done yesterday (couldn’t have been more happy for him).

Now, if there was lolly gaging or guys missing curfews or the like and they’re losing…fine, criticize. But again, have seen nothing but effort from this group.

I’m not sure how long Mr. Negative has been around…but we’ve not sniffed a winning record since 2005 (required Matthew Tuiasosopo mention)! TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE!

Now, not only are we above .500, we’re in the mix for the first half wild card. And with this team coming together (insert Lou Brown quote here) even if we don’t get the first half wild card…we’re going to be in it for the second half!

Not sure what Mr. Negative is looking for? Clearly seeing a winning team is not what he’s about and there’s some hidden agenda there. Best of luck with that…

But I digress, in keeping with the off day theme…here’s a little number off a solo project from Y&T founder & front man Dave Meniketti that’s all about relaxing….(sorry, no video for this…just the audio)

Rattler Nation \m/

Liked ” the Day Off” song. Cool stuff!

As I understand it, I guess my last response was a bit too much. My apologies again, was only trying to support and defend the team. Won’t happen again.

I did though want to respond to Doyle regarding the music. Glad you liked it. Y&T or any of Dave’s solo stuff you’re not going ot find on the radio (unless you’ve got Sirius/XM and Hair Nation). It’s a shame, but it’s the world we live in.

Check out all there stuff here:

And I’m not sure where you are, but if you ever get the chance to see them live..they’re fantastic. So much energy yet for a band that started rocking in the early 70’s. They don’t get outside of CA too much any more on a regular basis, but i’ve seen them twice here in the upper Midwest and loved both shows.

I’ve probably overstepped my bounds (again) since this is a baseball blog, so while i’m not a Facebook guy, feel free to him me up on Twitter if you wish ( @THEKID_ ) or just enjoy the music.

Thanks for the web site The Kid. I don’t do Twitter or facebook.

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