Postgame Thoughts (June 15, 2011)

STOSH! gets the strike out to end game two.


Game one
Rattlers 2, Chiefs 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Game two
Rattlers 6, Chiefs 2
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Tyler Thornburg with a complete game. 7IP, 2H, R, 9K. He’s awesome.
  • I saw somewhere that Thornburg is dominating 18 and 19 year olds in the Midwest League.  For grins, here are the ages of the Chiefs in their starting lineup for game one:  21, 22, 22, 25, 23, 23, 21, 19, 19.
  • Greg Rohan is 25? Really? Theoden King! Say it isn’t so.
  • Oh, and the 19 year olds in this game against Thornburg: 1-for-2 with a double and three of the walks that Thornburg issued on the night.
  • Look, he’ll move up when he moves up? Patience. All we need is just a little patience.
  • POP QUIZ, HOT SHOT:  A Rattlers player is 10-for-33 in his last 10 games (He’s started nine). He has hits in seven of those games. He has driven in 10 runs. If I told you that player’s name is Tyler Roberts, what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?
  • Tyler Roberts answered his own POP QUIZ tonight. What do you do with a runner at second and two outs with the score tied 1-1 in the top of the sixth inning in a 7-inning game and the pitcher throws you a 2-1 offspeed pitch? You line that pitch into right-center for an RBI single to give the Rattlers a 2-1 lead.
  • Yes. He’s still hitting .209, but he is improving.
  • And I’m taller.
  • Great Red Barber, that first inning of game two could not have been scripted better for the Rattlers.
  • Cam Greathouse extended his lead in the walks by a pitcher in the Midwest League.  He walked two and hit one in the first three batters he faced.  Oh, bases loaded no outs. Walker and Dennis coming to the plate? Yes. I will take that every day.
  • Walker’s two-run single was quickly followed by a three-run homer by Dennis and the Rattlers had a 5-0 lead.
  • That would be the baseball equivalent of the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique
  • All Dan Britt had to do was get out to the mound and throw strikes.  He did.
  • Well, he also needed Franklin Romero to get an outfield assist to throw out a runner at the plate in the third inning, too.
  • Romero with seven outfield assists this season.  The Rattlers with 27 outfield assists this season.
  • Britt struck out four, gave up four hits, and allowed two runs before turning the game over to STOSH! for the seventh.
  • The PA announcer almost introduced STOSH! like this: Now pitching for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, from British Columbia, Stosh Wawrzasek…And in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Final Bruins 3, Canucks 0.
  • He did not. That is a good thing.
  • I followed the last three innings of the Quad Cities at Clinton game two ways. The first was the play-by-play on the scoreboard.  Then, listening to Dave Lezotte call the game on KCLN.  It was very, very, very frustrating as the Rattlers needed the LumberKings to beat Quad Cities to get the Rattlers to within .5 games of the Wild Card with four games left in the half.  There is so much about this that is so eerily familiar (See: 2002, 2004, 2006-2008):

    First, the game is tied 5-5 and Clinton is batting in the bottom of the eighth inning:

    • Robert Anston singles on a line drive to center fielder Oscar Taveras.
    • Anthony Phillips out on a sacrifice bunt, pitcher Justin Wright to first baseman Victor Sanchez. Robert Anston to 2nd.
    • Carlton Tanabe singles on a fly ball to right fielder Nicholas Longmire. Robert Anston to 3rd.
    • Julio Morban strikes out swinging.
    • Mickey Wiswall grounds out to first baseman Victor Sanchez.

    Second, here is the Quad Cities top of the ninth:

    • Victor Sanchez flies out to center fielder Robert Anston.
    • Chris Edmondson doubles (7) on a line drive to right fielder Kevin Rivers.
    • Michael Swinson walks.
    • Offensive Substitution: Pinch runner Joseph Bergman replaces Chris Edmondson.
    • With Ronny Gil batting, wild pitch by Jessie Nava, Joseph Bergman to 3rd. Michael Swinson to 2nd.
    • Ronny Gil walks.
    • Oscar Taveras grounds into a force out, second baseman Jorge Agudelo to catcher Carlton Tanabe. Joseph Bergman out at home. Michael Swinson to 3rd. Ronny Gil to 2nd. Oscar Taveras to 1st.
    • Pitcher Change: Jonathan Arias replaces Jessie Nava.
    • With Starlin Rodriguez batting, wild pitch by Jonathan Arias, Michael Swinson scores. Ronny Gil to 3rd. Oscar Taveras to 2nd.
    • Starlin Rodriguez walks.
    • Cody Stanley doubles (14) on a line drive to right fielder Kevin Rivers. Ronny Gil scores. Oscar Taveras scores. Starlin Rodriguez scores.
    • Nicholas Longmire grounds out, shortstop Anthony Phillips to first baseman Tim Morris.
  • Oh, and that run scoring wild pitch in the top of the ninth? It was on the first pitch that Arias threw after coming out of the bullpen.
  • Sigh.
  • So, the Rattlers trail the River Bandits by 1.5 games for the Wild Card with four games left in the first half.  They play Clinton (21-45) on Thursday and Peoria (33-33) over the last three days.
  • If the Rattlers go 4-0 over the last four games, Quad Cities needs to go 2-2 for Wisconsin to get the Wild Card
  • If the Rattlers got 3-1 over the last four games, Quad Cities needs to go 1-3 for Wisconsin to get the Wild Card
  • Oh, and if the Rattlers go 4-0 over the last four games, they will finish the first half with an eight-game winning streak.
  • And, if Quad Cities wins three game while the Rattlers finish the first half with an eight-game winning streak…that will be really, really depressing.
  • Keep on going, Rattlers. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future. Just take care of your own business.

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