Postgame Thoughts (June 16, 2011)

Brooks Hall is greeted by his teammates after he leaves Thursday's game at Peoria.

Rattlers 2, Chiefs 0
Boxscore | Game Story

Clinton LumberKings 5, Quad Cities River Bandits 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • I will update this later with a more professional version.  But, since I have a 3-hour drive to Cedar Rapids to make tonight
  • WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  • FUNNNNN!!!!
  • Like I said, more professional later tonight.
  • Nothing like a drive to clear your head.  Let’s call the above “Irrational exuberance”.  Because in the words of the wise sage and catcher Jake Taylor said to Willie Mays Hayes after the Indians clinched a tie for the AL East title on the last day of the season: Yep. But we haven’t won anything yet.
  • Brooks Hall got some help from the defense and the ball not carrying to right field in Peoria.
  • Web gems from Brownstein in the third and Hopkins in the fifth. (Read the game story for the context of the play by Hopkins)
  • Line drive at Shaw in the fourth. Hard hit ball at Hawn in the fifth.
  • The double by Gibbs in the fifth hit halfway up the wall in right. I thought he hit a ball even harder in the seventh, but Romero had time to get back and camp under it on the track.
  • Plus, Keen caught the fly ball that May hit in the fifth to the warning track in right-center after a long run.
  • No pitch speed readings on Hall tonight. The indicator was tough to read with burnt out bulbs and bulbs that stay on all the time.  Plus, the one in O’Brien Field is a little unreliable (about 2-3 mph slower).
  • I like how he handled himself tonight.  He was behind in the count at the end of at bats six times in 25 batters faced.  One one of those times when he was behind did the batter reach base (Gibbs walked on a 3-1 pitch).
  • Here is probably the best example of how Brooks pitched tonight:
    Brooks walks Gibbs on the 3-1 pitch with one out in the bottom of the second
    Brooks falls behind Elliot Soto 2-0
  • Brooks gets a visit from pitching coach Chris Hook
    Brooks does not give in and groove one to Soto
    Brooks gets Soto to ground into a tailor made (by one of the Brooks Brothers?) 6-4-3 double play.
  • Keep in mind the Rattlers had just taken a 1-0 lead in the top of the second inning.
  • How many times in the past do you remember the Rattlers scoring a run only to give the run back in the opponents’ next at bat.
  • Okay. Rattlers are up 1-0 with two out and none on in the eighth.  I believe I mentioned on the air how shallow the Chiefs outfielders were playing Nick Shaw at the time.  He crushed a triple that one hopped the wall about where Keen ran down the ball hit by May.
  • Cody Hawn with another mutli-hit game and his second hit delivered Shaw across the plate for a 2-0 lead.
  • Greg Holle with a routine 3-up, 3-down ninth inning for his 15th save.  He is 15-for-15 in save situations in 2011
  • In the baseball sense of the word, it is an absolute CRIME that Greg Holle is not playing in the All-Star game next Tuesday.
  • I shouldn’t mention anything, because every time a Rattlers closer gets close to it something happens like: Getting promoted (Jim Henderson) or Being Turned Into a Starter (Brian Stitt…No really…A story for another day)
  • The Timber Rattlers record for saves in a season is 19.  John Thompson set the record in 1995, the first season of the Timber Rattlers franchise.
  • Here’s something else that hasn’t happened in a while:  The Rattlers completed a four game sweep of the Chiefs at O’Brien Field on Thursday.  The last time that happened: July 11-14, 2003.
  • The Chiefs were still a Cardinals affiliate at the time.
  • Pitching matchups for the series with the Cedar Rapids Kernels
    FRI: RHP Jimmy Nelson (2-6, 5.09) v. RHP Baudilio Lopez (0-1, 15.00)
    SAT: RHP Jameson Dunn (2-0, 1.59) v. RHP AJ Schugel (2-2, 3.41)
    SUN: RHP Austin Ross (6-3, 3.39) v. RHP Brian Diemer (6-4, 3.44)
  • Quad Cities hosts Peoria on Friday night at 7:00pm.  The Friday pitching matchup at Modern Woodmen Park:
    PEO: Hayden Simpson (1-3, 5.47)
    QC: Zach Russell (2-6, 4.80)
  • Okay, the Rattlers are 1/2 game behind the Chiefs.  But, let’s not overlook Beloit.  They won for the ninth time in their last 10 games with a victory over Cedar Rapids on Thursday night.
  • There is still a scenario where the Rattlers pass Quad Cities, but lose the wild card to Beloit on the tiebreaker.
  • The Snappers are at Burlington this weekend.
  • Got all that?  No?  Well, these last few bullet points may bring it all home/.
  • The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are heading into the last three games of a half and still in contention for a playoff spot for the first time since 2001.
  • The Rattlers had clinched their playoff spots before the final weekend in 2003 and 2005.
  • This is going to be fun
  • Let’s go, Rattlers!

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