Postgame Thoughts (June 17, 2011)

Reggie Keen takes ball four to force in a run in the third inning on Friday night at Cedar Rapids.

Cedar Rapids 8, Wisconsin 7
Boxscore | Game Story

Quad Cities 4, Peoria 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • For as much as I was feeling all WHOOOOOOOO!! last night, I feel whatever the opposite of WHOOOOOOOO! is.  OHWWWWWWWWW!?? Is that right?
  • There really isn’t a lot to add to the game story tonight.  But, I’ll hit the cliff notes for those of you who didn’t click
  • Wisconsin’s hitters collected one hit in the final 6-1/3 innings tonight.
  • Both batters hit by Timber Rattlers pitchers scored
  • Cedar Rapids scored three runs on wild pitches, including the tying and winning runs.  Two of those runs came with two outs.
  • I still stand by my Greg Holle belongs on the All-Star Team comment from last night.
  • By the way that is the 10th time an opponent has won in their last at bat (5th walkoff) against the Rattlers in ’11
  • Wisconsin is 0-3 in extra innings.
  • HOLY TED WILLIAMS! Dennis, Mittelstaedt, and Hopkins absolutely crushed their home runs tonight!
  • Charly Bashara was darn near perfect tonight out of the Rattlers bullpen.  Retired 10 of 11 batters faced.
  • Tyler Cravy was cranking it up to the plate.  90-91 and very good placement as he struck out both batters he faced.
  • By the way, Dennis with 29 home runs in his Timber Rattlers career.  The franchise record is 36.
  • Postgame roster moves:
    RHP Dan Britt to the DL retroactive to June 16
    RHP Jameson Dunn activated from the DL
  • Dunn gets the ball tomorrow.  Austin Ross is set to start on Sunday.
  • Here’s what needs to happen for the Rattlers to get into the playoffs.  Wisconsin wins Saturday & Sunday. Quad Cities loses Saturday & Sunday.
  • Get ’em tomorrow and hope for the best.


This was the baseball god’s reaction to your premature celebration the day before.

There are no gods.

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