Postgame Thoughts (June 25, 2011)

River Bandits 3, Rattlers 2
Boxscore | Game Story

  • I mentioned the other night on twitter that I was watching the AJ Burnett no hitter on ESPN Classic. That was the game where he was with the Marlins, walked nine, struck out seven, and pitched a nine-inning no-no at San Diego on May 12, 2001.
  • At the time I was thinking, “Wow.”
  • Tonight, I was thinking, “How.”
  • Seth Blair was the starting pitcher for the River Bandits.  He walked seven and struck out eight in five innings without allowing a hit.  Blair was at 93 pitches through five innings.  There should be no questions as to why he came out of the game with a no-hitter.
  • Jimmy Nelson. That outing could have been much worse.  It also could have been much better.
  • From the It could have been much better file:
    The first of the two runs that scored in the third inning was set up with a leadoff walk, a stolen base, and a wild pitch.
    The second of the two runs that scored in the third inning was a mistake on a 1-2 pitch to Jonathan Rodriguez.
  • From the It could have been much worse file:
    In the fourth, Quad Cities first two batters reached on a double and a single.  They only scored once.
    By my unofficial tally, I had Nelson at 101 pitches over six innings.
  • I will paraphrase an old Timber Rattlers coach to mention this about Jimmy Nelson.  He has the tools.  He just needs the toolbox.
  • I have no idea what that means, but it sounds good.
  • Hidden gems in the video highlights above:
    Watch the Quad Cities right fielder sneak a peek at the home run by Chris Dennis.
    Watch the reaction of the fans on the Miller High Life Home Run Porch as they realize where the ball landed
    Check out that catch by Franklin Romero
    Watch how perfect the relay throw from Nick Shaw is to the plate
  • Unfortunately, the director cut away from Frankie just before he turned to see his catch on the video board as he was jogging into the dugout with Stang after the catch.  That was pretty cool.
  • Back to Dennis for a moment.  That was home run #30 for him in his Timber Rattlers career.  The franchise record is 36 and is held by Juan Silvestre.
  • Del Howell has replaced Jameson Dunn for the start tomorrow afternoon.  As of now, Dunn is just being skipped in the rotation.  That’s all I have been told.
  • Get ’em tomorrow…with the Power of the Hawaiian Shirt!

    St. Thomas Sullivan Magnum, Patron Saint of the 2011 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers on Sundays

    The Rattlers are allowed to wear Hawaiian shirts to the ballpark on Sundays. They are 8-3 on Sunday's this season.

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