Postgame thoughts (6/27/11)

Chiefs 16, Rattlers 7
Boxscore | Game story

  • Sooo, that was a weird five minute rain shower before the game, eh?
  • Unofficially Matt Miller with 50 pitches (34 strikes) tonight in 1-2/3 innings.
  • He will have better days in the second half.
  • But, he has to get the ball down.  Lots of stuff was left up today.
  • For example, Ryan Cuneo was the first batter in the second inning.  Miller got ahead of him 0-2.  The next pitch was up and on the outside corner.  Cuneo pulled it into right for a single.
  • The errors didn’t help – five unearned runs out of eight scored – but there were three straight RBI singles after the error that would have been the first out of the second inning.
  • Like I said, Miller will have better days.
  • The Chiefs sure didn’t look like a team that had lost 10 straight games.
  • Peoria broadcaster Nathan Baliva brought this game up today.

    The Peoria Chiefs scored thirteen runs in the seventh inning Sunday afternoon to beat the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 15-5. Anthony Monegan had four RBI and Tyler Parker had a two-run homer in the decisive inning. Parker also homered later in the game for the Chiefs. Stuart Pomeranz struck out ten Rattlers over seven innings for his second win of the season.

  • I really hated him for bringing that game up on its 7th anniversary.
  • Nathan also brought up – just before he hit in the eighth inning – that the Chiefs had held Mike Walker hitless in a game against them for the first time this season.
  • See the last offensive highlight above to see how THAT turned out.
  • You have to respect Nathan for jinxing his own guys like that.  I respect him for that.
  • Walker against the Chiefs this season: 14-for-36, 5 HR, 18 RBI
  • I think that makes him a pick to click at Miller Park on Wednesday night
  • Entering last Saturday’s game, the Rattlers had scored 297 runs and had allowed 296 runs.
  • This was after being outscored by quite a bit over the first half of the season.
  • After Monday’s game, the Rattlers have been outscored 323-309
  • Keep running up that road. Keep running up that hill.
  • TJ Mittelstaedt started the bottom of the eighth inning warming up in the bullpen.  Why shouldn’t he.  He was due up seventh in the inning.  He had to run in from the bullpen after Hopkins doubled in two runs because he was up after Walker.
  • Mittelstaedt singled when he got his turn to bat in the 8th.
  • Nick Shaw, who walked twice on Monday, and Walker both have 46 walks this season.  They are tied for the lead in the MWL in that category.
  • I am very interested in seeing Maverick Lasker as the starting pitcher for the Rattlers on Tuesday night.  Maverick admitted to me that he was walking too many guys.    His last start was June 21 against Dunedin, four walks and four strikeouts in three innings.
  • By the way, Timber Rattlers Field Pass debuts on Sports 32 Tuesday night.  We talk with Matt Erickson and Aaron Hahn, there is a package on the Rattlers in the MWL All-Star Game, and I found a new way to make a fool of myself as I try the visual training that the players use.
  • That last part does not go well…Plus…I wear 3-D Glasses.
  • Get ’em tomorrow.

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