Postgame thoughts (June 28, 2011)

Chiefs 4, Rattlers 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • A throw to first from right out in front of the plate at 7:12 at night is a tough play.  The angle of the sun means that the first baseman will have a tough time seeing a ball thrown from there.  Wouldn’t you just know that Szczur bunted it to that spot.
  • The throw wasn’t perfect, but – from the booth – it looked like Hawn didn’t see it until the last second.
  • Of course, Szczur was going to score after that play.
  • After the home run by Jones put the Rattlers up 2-0 in the top of the fourth, Wisconsin tried to put together a rally
  • Two walks, three hits…one run.
  • Shaw walked, but got caught running before a 3-1 pitch to Hawn could be delivered.  He was out 1-3-6.
  • Hawn walks. Hopkins singles.  Walker singles. Dennis singles to drive in the run.
  • Then, Brent Ebinger came out of the bullpen to get the next two outs.  And allow one hit over 4-2/3 innings.
  • Wisconsin had three base runners over the last five innings.  None reached second base.
  • Maverick Lasker was not throwing strikes down in Brevard County. So, he came down to Wisconsin and hit the target 64 out of 93 times.
  • I thought he pitched well.  That second home run by Jones…sheesh….I don’t know. It just kept carrying.  Dennis looked like he would have a play, but it made it over the wall for a two-out, two-run home run and a 4-1 lead.
  • A 4-1 lead was so much different from a 2-1 lead.
  • Pechek threw out two would be base stealers.  Nice.
  • I know…I know…it’s WAAAAY to early to be looking at this….BUT, Kane County won again tonight. They are 5-0 to start the half.  Beloit lost in extra innings at Clinton.  So, Beloit is 4-1 to start the half.  At 1-4 the Rattlers are four games and three games out of the two playoff spots.  PLUS, they need to climb over all the other teams that missed the playoffs in the first half to get there.
  • Busy day tomorrow, but this is going to be like sleeping on Christmas Eve.  Almost impossible.
  • We hope to see you at Miller Park for the game against the Peoria Chiefs.  Come on out and cheer on the Rattlers.

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