Postgame Thoughts (June 29, 2011)


Rattlers 5, Chiefs 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Thanks to Sports32 for allowing the production crew to cut up the highlights from last night’s game.
  • Brooks Hall doing what Brooks Hall does.  Another fine outing for the 4th rounder in ’09.
  • It’s not in the highlights, but there was a very good play by Mike Walker at third last night.
  • Rubi Silva had tripled with one out in the top of the first. The Rattlers brought the infield in and Walker handled a hot shot off the bat of Greg Rohan. Walker handled the sharply hit grounder looked Silva back and threw out Rohan at first.
  • Oddly, that play happened at just about the same spot Walker and I were talking before the game about the length of the infield grass at Miller Park.
  • Before the game, Walker thought the grass needed to be a little shorter.  After the game, he thought it was juuuust right.
  • In case you were wondering GO/AO ratio for Hall last night was 8/7.
  • No walks and one strikeout.
  • Look at the play on the liner back to the mound and put yourself in Hall’s position.  You want to be a pitcher, eh?
  • Garman and Marzec with more solid work out of the bullpen.
  • Greg Hopkins (3-for-4) becomes the second Rattler to homer at Miller Park. Brock Kjeldgaard hit one in ’09.
  • Cody Hawm probably should have had three hits, two, but Silva made a diving catch on a sinking liner to right in the 6th.
  • Overall, a fun night for all.
  • The bus arrived at the hotel in Cedar Rapids around 3am today.
  • Movies on the trip so far: Tommy Boy and Super Troopers.
  • Arrival time for the team to the ballpark is 3pm.  Game time is 6:35pm.
  • Expect today’s lineup and game notes…soon.
  • Let’s go, Rattlers!

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