Postgame Thoughts (July 1, 2011)

Tell me this guy doesn't look like he would be the winner of a Softball Home Run Derby in a minor league baseball stadium.

Kernels 8, Rattlers 5
Boxscore | Game Story

  • For your pregame entertainment, a softball home run derby.  The gentleman above was the winner with six homers in 12 swings.
  • Of course he was.
  • Your early game entertainment was the Rattlers offense. Mike Walker RBI double in the first. Nick Shaw RBI single in the second. Walker two-run homer in the second 4-0 lead.
  • Walker has 13 home runs through July 1. For reference, Khris Davis had 11 home runs through July 1 in 2011.
  • A Kernels run in the second is followed by a Chris Dennis sacrifice fly in the third for a 5-1 lead.
  • Then, Cedar Rapids built a picket face.
  • 011 110 01
  • No Rattlers pitcher tossed a 1-2-3 inning.  It was like that neighbor who is hammering at 8am
  • BANG BANG BANG.  Stops for a while.  BANG BANG BANG.  Stops for a while.  BANG BANG BANG
  • The weird thing is that every time a Rattlers pitcher got in trouble, the next one bailed him out.
  • Howell had the bases loaded & two outs in the fourth leading 5-3. Rosario came in and got out of it.
  • Garman had the bases loaded & one out in the seventh score tied 5-5. STOSH! came in and got out of it.
  • But, there was…oh, forget it, Marge.  It’s Chinatown.
  • I went back and did some actual research.
  • This was the fourth time (out of nine games)  this season Cedar Rapids has won a game in their last at bat against the Rattlers.
  • Three times they have broken ties in the bottom of the eighth inning and held on for the win in the ninth.
  • Yep. It’s Chinatown.
  • Once there was that extra inning walk-off win…which we will never speak of again…
  • Friday night means that opponents have won 13 times in their final at bat. That’s not walkoffs. That’s last at bats (top of the ninth at Time Warner Cable Field, bottom of the eighth in Rattlers road games).  There have been five walkoffs against the Rattlers this season.
  • Let’s close with some positives.
  • Cody Hawn with three hits. He was actually NOT robbed on a diving play by the left fielder for a double in the third inning
  • Nick Shaw drew another walk…52 on the season.
  • Thursday’s Burn Notice, the final episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and the season premier of Leverage were all OUTSTANDING!
  • There is another game tomorrow night.

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