Postgame thoughts (July 3, 2011)

Today's Lesson. Sign autographs before a road game. Get good karma during a road game.

Rattlers 5, Snappers 4
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Part of me wants to turn this post over to this twitter update by Reggie Keen (@ReGGieReg21): Great win against Beloit tonite! Started the series off right, now I gotta get off this DL and do some work with my boys! #patience
  • But, that’s not professional. So….
  • The Badger Basketball comparison continues to be apt.  I think it was a Mike Bruesewitz (no link there.  Just thought it should be in red) THREE that snapped the drought late tonight!  BOOK IT!
  • Maverick Lasker threw strikes again Sunday. But, it was the one walk that hurt him.
  • It was a leadoff walk in the bottom of the fifth.  The game was tied 2-2 and Jairo Perez walked on a 3-2 pitch. Single, stolen base, foul sac fly to right, single, and error. All of a sudden it’s 4-2 Beloit.
  • If it is later in the game, Franklin Romero probably lets that ball drop in foul territory.  But, he made a nice catch to get an out.
  • Skyler Crawford with scoreless work out of the bullpen.
  • Charly Bashara doing the work out of the bullpen, too…again.
  • Greg Holle is 17-for-18 in save opportunities…This one with little to no excitement.
  • I talked to him a bit during batting practice today and he is still getting a feel for the splitter.  He also said that he tries to throw in the bullpen every day to keep trying to get it.
  • Did you see that #patience tag up in Reggie’s update.  Holle could have put one of those at the end of our conversation.  He knows that that pitch is going to take awhile to master and the results may not be there now.  But, it’s part of the process to get better and keep moving up the ladder.  That is the goal after all. #patience
  • By the way, the franchise record is 19 (John Thompson – 1995)
  • That’s Cody Hawn in the picture up top.  He was 2-f0r-4 today with two RBI.  The second RBI tied the game in the 8th.
  • In his last five games, Hawn is 9-for-20.  He is also on his fifth 5-game hitting streak of the season.
  • All of those times he was stone cold robbed in the first half are starting to drop for him in the second half
  • Hawn has not had a 6-game hitting streak yet this season.  I have a feeling that will change…soon.
  • Let’s hear it for Romero on offense!  He’s up with one out in the ninth and takes a 2-2 pitch on the outside corner and lines it down the right field line for a triple.  Keep doing that!  Keep. Doing. That.
  • A quick word about the Dirtbag.  TJ Mittelstaedt went 2-for-4 with a 2B and a run scored. Plus, a solid second base…Yes. He played second on Sunday.  Mittelstaedt raised his batting average to .307. He now has enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title race.  That .307 is tied for 8th.  The MWL leader is at .317.
  • That should be enough for tonight.  Keep grinding and get ’em again tomorrow.

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