Postgame Thoughts (July 4, 2011)

Even the mascot was tired today

Rattlers 11, Snappers 8
Boxscore | Game story

  • Talk about a roller coaster
  • But, as with most roller coasters – except for that one in the vastly underrated Shakedown with Peter Weller and Sam Elliott – this one ended well after some thrills.
  • Before today, there had been some good natured ribbing of Jason Rogers.  Guys on the team were pointing out that he had not hit a home run with the Rattlers yet.
  • I think that can stop now.
  • Hammerin’ Henry, was that a blast by @jasonrogers2003. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

The Daniel Ortiz shift. And I am not talking about the tilt of the camera.

  • Click that picture for the larger image.  You will see how the Rattlers play Daniel Ortiz when there is no one on base.  Find Mittelstaedt.
  • Biggest comeback of the season for the Rattlers.  Down 6-1.
  • Brooks Hall gave up six runs today.  All of them came with two outs in an inning.  He did good work to get to that point in each inning without allowing a run.  The final out was elusive for him.
  • I still like the way the kid pitches.  I would use the made up word “Pitchability” and the 1840’s prospector word “Gumption” to describe the way he pitches.  As he stated in the interview a few days ago, he’s only focused on pitching since his senior year of high school.  Give it time.
  • I think today was Thanksgiving instead of Independence Day because the Rattlers had a cornucopia of hits.  Rogers with four; Keen, Mittelstaedt, Walker, and Paciorek with three; “Only” two hits Stang. That’s 2/3 of the lineup with multi-hit day.
  • Did you noticed the name Keen in there? You should have! @ReGGieReg21 with his first game off the DL and 3-for-5 with a double, a triple, and two runs scored.
  • He should have been 3-for-5, but with a single instead of a triple.  He was retired on a 1-4-3 putout in the fifth when Ryan O’Rourke kicked at the ball on a grounder up the middle and deflected it right to second for the out.  The triple in the seventh was a pop fly down the right field line.  Ortiz lost the ball in the Sun at the last second.  Reggie was hustling all the way and turned it into a triple.
  • Welcome back, Reggie!
  • Stang had two hits and two outfield assists. One at the plate. The other at second on…Ortiz. Click the Ortiz Shift picture to see where Stang, the left fielder tonight, was playing.  You may get an idea of way Ortiz thought he could go for two on what would normally be a routine single to left.
  • The Rattlers comeback was aided by some sloppy defense by the Snappers. They could have easily been charged with two more errors in the game, but the official scorer took pity on them.
  • As Red Barber is my witness, I have no idea why Chris Hook was ejected by the base umpire in the eighth inning today.  Just because the official scorer did not call it in did not mean that it did not happen.
  • Lance Ray, who homered off Adrian Rosario in the sixth, led off the eighth.  Rosario came low and inside. Paciorek missed it and the ball hit the plate umpire on the right foot.  The plate umpire appeared to warn both benches after that.
  • Nelson Prada came down to argue that the ball actually hit Ray.  It looked like he was asking the plate umpire to ask for help from the base umpire.  The Rattlers bench up on the rail and…something happened.  After he was tossed, Hook went out and got his money’s worth.
  • I’ll endeavor to find out tomorrow since I was not on the bus back to the hotel tonight.
  • Remember this about the Rattlers, when one of the coached gets tossed, the offense goes off.
  • Hello, 9th inning!
  • In the 9th inning, Mittelstaedt & Greg Hopkins single to start the inning. Mike Walker hits into a 6-3 double play. There’s two outs and a runner at third.
  • Rogers had the count at 2-0 and OPPO BOMB!  Never in doubt for the first lead of the game.
  • BUT, in the bottom of the ninth, Marzec walked the leadoff hitter.  I just said the other day that the secret of Marzec’s success is that he gets the first batter of the inning out.  Didn’t happen tonight.  The Rattlers were fortunate to get the game to extra innings.
  • Beloit had runners at the corners with one out and the aforementioned Ortiz and the white-hot Jairo Perez due up.
  • Marzec got a pair of fly ball outs to shallow right.
  • In the 11th, the Snappers committed an error on a grounder off the bat of Hopkins. Walk to Walker. Bunt single by Rogers where the defensive signals were crossed up by the Snappers.  Just like that: Bases loaded.
  • Paciorek lined a double to left. 10-8 Rattlers. Wild pitch scores another run. 11-8 Rattlers.
  • Matt Erickson called for the squeeze play w/ Romero at the plate, but the pitch was helmet high down the middle of the plate and Romero couldn’t get the bunt down Paciorek was caught.
  • Marzec did not repeat the mistake of the 9th as he went back out for the 11th and set down the Snappers in order to close it out.
  • Something to keep your eye on for tomorrow:
    Beloit’s bullpen has tossed 8-2/3 innings in this series.  They have used six different relievers to get those innings.
    Wisconsin’s bullpen has tossed 10-1/3 innings this series. They have used five different relievers to get those innings.
  • Jimmy Nelson tomorrow for the Rattlers. He will try to follow up on his eight shutout innings from his last start.
  • It’s been a pretty good trip with a 4-1 record (5-1 if you include the Miller Park game).
  • Time to get greedy and make it a great trip.
  • Keep grinding!
  • We’ll see you at home on Wednesday night!

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