Lineup & Game Notes (July 11, 2011)

This is a photo of the cornfield that is planted in foul territory down the left field line in Modern Woodmen Park.

I heard a voice telling me, "If you something-something, he will something." It was kind of hard to hear.

Monday’s Lineup:
Nick Shaw – SS
Reggie Keen – CF
Mike Walker – 3B
Jason Rogers – DH
Cody Hawn – 1B
Joey Paciorek – C
Chad Stang – LF
Mike Brownstein – 2B
Franklin Romero – RF

Monday’s Starting Pitcher (Wisconsin):
Del Howell

Monday’s Starting Pitcher (Quad Cities):
Anthony Ferrara

Monday’s Game Notes:  RattlersGameNotesJuly11

Scheduled pitching matchups for West Michigan series:
WED: RHP Matt Miller (3-4, 4.89) v. RHP Kevin Eichron (7-3, 3.46)
THU: RHP Maverick Lasker (0-2, 6.89) v. LHP Kyle Ryan (4-7, 3.65)
FRI: RHP Brooks Hall (4-2, 4.14) v. LHP Alex Burgos (4-1, 2.15)

Bonus Photo of the Modern Woodmen Park Cornfield:

Ease whose what? Really!? I can't hear you!

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