Postgame Thoughts (July 11, 2011)

This would have been a great picture...if the damn window opened in the visiting radio booth

River Bandits 4, Timber Rattlers 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Good night, lights.  Good night, mosquito bites.
Good night, bridge.
Good night, Cody Hawn’s 12-game hitting streak which he extended with a 9th inning single by just a smidge.
Good night, Rattlers bullpen.
Good night, Dan Britt and Adrian Rosario, who worked a combined six innings out of the pen.
Good night, warning track.
Good night, Del Howell who threw a lot of pitches (63 in 3 innings) but never seemed to get into whack.
Good night, seats.
Good night, Chad Stang who made a heck of a catch in left in which he left his cleats.
Good night, bases.
Good night, opportunity to score a bunch in the second inning when the sacks were full and it looked like the Rattlers were going places.
Good night, lines made of chalk. You sure got a workout from Nick Shaw – three times he did walk.
Good night, river. This game made me feel like a kid sitting down to a dinner of onions and liver.
Good night, hot dogs that someone probably bought.
Good night Timber Rattlers 4 hits, 2 in the 2nd then 1 each in the 8th & 9th – another unfortunate drought.
Good night, eighth game in a row in which the opponents have scored first.
Good night, Cardinals farmhands.  See you next month. The Rattlers will to take another shot at your bubble to burst.
Good night, to the place on the other side of the bridge called Illinois.
The effort is still there so there is no need to get annoyed.
Good night, 18 straight days of games.  This team will rest on Tuesday. Then, be ready to kick tail and take down some names.
Good night, Quad Cities. Good night, Modern Woodmen Park.
Good night, radio booth with windows that don’t open. One day you will and that will be a lark.
Good night, tarp.  Good night, gentle readers.
Good night from a crazy blogger who may spend an off day building birdfeeders.

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