Postgame Thoughts (July 15, 2011)

West Michigan 5, Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Story

  • That’s 11 in a row, by the way. If you’re not sure what that means. Click the game notes in the post below and look at the left hand column of page one.
  • I wasn’t keeping track, but the first pitch strikes by Rattlers pitchers had to be…not good.
  • I did keep track of the number of full counts for Rattlers pitchers tonight: 12 out of 42 Whitecaps batters saw a 3-2 pitch on Friday. (Nelson – 6; Garman – 2; Holle – 2; Britt – 2).
  • Five of the seven walks issued by the Rattlers came on 3-2 pitches.
  • Nelson with a nice bounce back after the first inning.  He did not have a 1-2-3 inning on the night, but did not allow a runner past second after the first.
  • He could have, but he walked the number nine hitter on a 3-2 pitch with two outs and none on in the top of the seventh. That final pitch got him to 100 pitches…and ended his night.
  • Nelson looked upset when Matt Erickson came out to get him.  Not sure if it was because he was coming out or because he walked the #9 hitter who was 4-for-22 on the season.
  • Cody Hawn with a hit in the second inning. He’s at a 15-game hitting streak. Matches Edilio Colina for the longest hitting streak by a Timber Rattlers player since Josh Womack’s 22 game hit-streak in 2005.
  • This game took a bad turn in the third inning.  Romero and Keen singled to start the inning and were at second and third with no outs.  The next three Rattlers struck out and both Romero and Keen were still at second and third.
  • Maybe things turn out a little better with a couple of runs in that inning.
  • Four straight singles in the bottom of the seventh.
  • In the highlights, take a look at Shaw’s bunt single and see him barely get the hand on the plate for the run.
  • Sliding into the shin guards…ouch.
  • That’s 16 this season.
  • Okay, I won’t make you wait or do any work to find out what that means.
  • After Friday night, Rattlers opponents have won sixteen times in their final at bat.
  • The worst part of the game…after the
  • South Bend comes in on Saturday night. Game time is 6:35pm.
  • Rest up and get ’em tomorrow.

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