Lineup & Notes (July 20, 2011)

Jackson Field at Cooley Law School Stadium in the morning.

Wednesday’s Lineup:
Nick Shaw – SS
Reggie Keen – CF
Mike Walker – 1B
Jason Rogers – DH
Greg Hopkins – 3B
Joey Paciorek – C
Chad Stang – LF
Mike Brownstein – 2B
Franklin Romero, Jr. – RF

Wisconsin’s Starting Pitcher:
Matt Miller

Lansing’s Starting Pitcher:
Sean Nolin

Wednesday’s Timber Rattlers Roster: Timber_Rattler_Roster_072011

Transactions since Monday:
RHP Dan Britt to the DL (retroactive to July 16)
RHP Skyler Crawford to Brevard County
C Cameron Garfield activated from the DL & Transferred to Arizona League Brewers

Wednesday’s Game Notes: RattlersGameNotesJuly20

Note about the game notes: The transaction section in the left-hand column of page one is incorrect because I have apparently lost the ability of reading comprehension.

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