Postgame Thoughts (July 20, 2011)

Wolverine > Spartan

Lansing 6, Wisconsin 5 (12 innings)
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Wow. I put my head down for five minutes and all of a sudden it’s 11:30pm.
  • Have I mentioned my dislike for the Eastern time zone?
  • Have I mentioned how hot it was today?  Oh, boy was is hot.
  • Have I mentioned that the Rattlers entered today’s game with 23 players and two relievers on the DL? Well, they did.
  • In 12 starts this season, Sean Nolin had allowed three runs (one earned) over 12 first innings this season.
  • The Rattlers scored four runs on on five straight hits and a fielder’s choice in the first inning on Wednesday.
  • The Rattlers had a legitimate shot at three straight home runs in the first inning.  Reggie Keen’s triple is out of any other ballpark (expect maybe Cedar Rapids and it’s 407′ left field). Then, Mike Walker and Jason Rogers lined shots into the berm in right-center.  Neither ball was in doubt of getting out of the ballpark.
  • Two notes on Walker, a left-handed hitter: That was just his second home run off a lefty this season.  He his hitting .319 against left-handers this season (30-for-94).
  • Walker made some tough picks at first base today.
  • After the first inning, Nolin retired 14 straight hitters until Jason Rogers singled in the sixth.
  • Matt Miller with his second straight quality start.  It was his fifth in 13 starts this season.
  • GO/AO ratio for Miller on Wednesday was 10-2 with five strikeouts.
  • I am not going to note the velocity readings here in Lansing.  The gun is turned up to 11. I remember a time here a few years ago when the display showed a 101 for a Lansing pitcher…It was at least 5mph higher than what the team’s gun was.
  • The other out was on another outfield assist. Chad Stang threw out a runner at second. His sixth. The 36th of the season for the Rattlers defense.
  • Insurance run/manufactured run for the Rattlers in the seventh. Two outs with no one on base.  Mike Brownstein bunts down the third base line. The ball rolls quickly down the third base line…and hits the bag. Brownstein steals second and goes to third on a throwing error. Franklin Romero’s infield single puts the Rattlers up 5-3.
  • Alas.
  • Two run homer in the bottom of the seventh tied the game.
  • Casey Medlen with three scoreless innings. One hit. GO/AO Ratio of 7-1 w/ a strikeout.
  • Fast forward to the bottom of the 12th. Single by Crouse off Greg Holle. Late in the count to Perez, Crouse steals second and third.
  • Stealing third was a calculated risk for Crouse.
  • Hopkins at third was playing in for the bunt.
  • Joey Paciorek made a good throw to third, but Hopkins was backing up to the bag and had to come around with a swipe tag. Close play, but safe was the call for the third stolen base of the game for Crouse.  He has 31 this season.
  • Two intentional walks later and the bases are loaded.
  • Holle gets what he needed, a grounder to second.  More of a high chopper really, but Brownstein came made a leaping grab and made a very good throw to the plate.
  • I believe my call was,”Oh, my GOD! They called him safe!”
  • I believe I channeled my inner Jonathan Quayle Higgins with that first part and my inner Fox Mulder with the second part.
  • They? Who’s they? I want to believe.
  • The plate umpire just made a straight safe call with his hand signals.  That led me to believe that he thought that Crouse beat the throw to the plate. Which was not the case.
  • Talking with Hopkins about the play after the game, he said the umpire said Paciorek’s foot came off home plate before he made the catch. But, if that were the case, the umpire should have signaled that by making a, um, signal with his hands to indicate that.
  • And if he had…Well, it would still be a loss, but that play would have been ruled an E-2 and an unearned run.
  • Rattlers are now 1-9 in extra innings. Opponents have seven “walk-off” wins against the Rattlers this season.  Opponents have won 18 times in their final at bat this season.
  • It took me seven hundred words, references to a pair of TV shows, and a picture to talk about how rough loss this was for the Rattlers.  @jasonrogers2003 did it in less than 140 characters.
  • tough loss today, but we will get them tomm for sure!!!
  • Jason, do you want to put a few thoughts together after tomorrow’s game?

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