Postgame Thoughts (July 23, 2011)

And Mike Walker watches over all...including that cement walkway thingy in right-center, where Jason Rogers hit his homer in the 7th.

Rattlers 8, Loons 6
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Tip of the cap to Charly Bashara as he picked up his first win this season as a starter.
  • Weird start to the game, and TJ Mittelstaedt right in the middle of it.
  • Let’s go to the recap:
    T. J. Mittelstaedt singles on a pop up to shortstop Casio Grider. Mittelstaedt advances to 3rd, on throwing error by shortstop Casio Grider. Mittelstaedt advances to 3rd, on fielding error by shortstop Casio Grider.
  • Okay, blooper down the left field line. Grider had the ball in his glove but he knocked the ball free and the ball went into the Timber Rattlers bullpen.  Mittelstaedt to second. Grider thought the play was over and flipped the ball into the stands.  Mittelstaedt to third.
  • Hello, Larry Walker!…kinda. Sorry for the Bleacher Report link.
  • I believe the umpires ruled that Mittelstaedt was not yet at second base and gave two bases to let him take second and third? What? RULEBOOK?
  • The Rattlers pulled away in the third with four runs scoring all sorts of ways. RBI double. Balk, sacrifice fly, RBI single. 7-3 lead.
  • In case you are wondering why Greg Holle came in for the sixth inning and went three innings in Saturday’s game: “Right now, [Holle’s] in a position where we’re trying to extend him out. We’re trying to get him some extended innings where he can work on those pitches and develop those pitches.” – Rattlers manager Matt Erickson
  • Jason Rogers KAH-rushed his seventh inning homer.  He has three homers, all to right field, and all on the road this season.
  • Asking me to pick my favorite Warren Zevon is like asking me to pick my favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. Impossible. But, Eric Marzec’s 1-2-3 ninth inning with two strikeouts for his fourth save of the season brought to mind this Zevon classic.
  • You know…because Marzec pitched for Youngstown State…in Ohio….
  • Oh…now you made the mime usher sad:

Sad mime usher.

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