Postgame thoughts (July 28, 2011)

Kind of a nice view


Clinton 8, Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Story

  • “He missed the tag”
  • “How could he?”
  • There have been two plays at the plate on this road trip that have been pivotal to the way the games have been decided.  The first was way back in game one of the trip on July 20.  Remember, force play at the plate in the bottom of the 12th in a tie game? Throw beat the runner and the umpire was the only one in the stadium who thought Joey Paciorek came off the plate.
  • Tonight, two outs runners at first and second, single to right. Stang throws to the plate and beat the guy by about five feet. The plate umpire ruled him safe.
  • From my vantage point, it sure looked like Paciorek tagged him.
  • Unfortunately, the phone line decided to disconnect just before that play at the plate.  So the “Throw is….IN TIME…SAFE?!?!?!” call will have to be left to your imagination.
  • Could have been worse.  THIS could have been my vantage point in another Western Division Stadium.
  • There are a couple of things that stung with that bottom of the seventh inning on Wednesday.
  • First, the Rattlers scraped together a run in the top of the frame to tie the game 4-4.
  • Then, Greg Holle got the first two outs of the seventh.
  • Grounder to right for a single. Walk. Single to right. Close play at the plate. Safe. 2-run double. Pitching change. HBP, RBI single.
  • Jason Rogers now with four homers this season.  All on the road and all to right field.
  • Rogers had three hits and scored two runs.  His average is up to .286 on the season.
  • Just received a text.  Brooks Hall is getting the start for the Rattlers on Friday night.  Matt Miller will go on Saturday at home against the Bees.  Charly Bashara will get the ball on Sunday afternoon.
  • Sorry to keep this short.  It’s been really, really hot and humid the last couple of days and the broadcast booth in Clinton was designed by the people who designed The Box in Cool Hand Luke.
  • Seriously, every time I walk out of it at the end of a game I expect Strother Martin to be there saying something about a failure to communicate.
  • I have to go. I bet Dragline and Fixer that I could eat 50 hard boiled eggs in an hour.

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