Postgame thoughts (July 29, 2011)

The view from the booth in Clinton.

Clinton 5, Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Brooks Hall! Ten strikeouts! One Walk! One Earned run!
  • Also, One balk. I’m not sure why it was a balk.  Matt Erickson didn’t look like he thought too much of the explanation
  • The talk on the bus was the 3-2 pitch from Williams to Kevin Williams in the 7th.
  • That was the second walk of inning.  3-2 pitch looked very, very good.
  • Look, I don’t want to turn this nightly post into a nightly whine about calls that don’t go the Rattlers way.
  • Just pointing out that the call there put two one base with one out. Instead of one one at first with two outs
  • Positives tonight:
  • Have I mentioned Brooks Hall?  Brooks. Hall.
  • Romero with a triple AND his second walk of the road trip.
  • RBI #72 for Mike Walker
  • Nick Ramirez with a solid single to right for his first Midwest League hit.
  • This road trip is over. It feels like the bus has been on the road forever.
  • I actually referred to my hotel room this morning as “Home”
  • Getting home early this morning; can’t wait to see Time Warner Cable Field…can’t wait to be HOME again.
  • The Rattlers will get another crack (well, four cracks) at the LumberKings next week (8/2-5).

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