Lineup & Game Notes (August 7, 2011)

A sudden downpour caught them unaware at Elfstrom Stadium. The tarp was not on the field when it rained very, very, very hard. This picture was taken as the tarp is being removed a little after 10am.


This picture was taken just before 11am. They are working hard and hoping to get the game started on time...That's 1pm CDT, by the way.

Sunday’s Lineup:
Nick Shaw -SS
Mike Brownstein – 2B
TJ Mittelstaedt – DH
Jason Rogers – LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Joey Paciorek – C
Chad Stang – CF
Greg Hopkins – 3B
Franklin Romero, Jr. – RF

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Jimmy Nelson

Kane County Starting Pitcher:
Jason Adam

Sunday’s Roster Moves:
RHP Maverick Lasker to the DL
LHP Del Howell transferred to Wisconsin from AZL Brewers

Updated Timber Rattlers Roster: Timber_Rattler_Roster_080711

Sunday’s Game Notes: RattlersGameNotesAugust7

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