Postgame Thoughts (8/13/11)


Quad Cities 6, Wisconsin 0
Boxscore | Game story

  • Eric Arnett with a quality start tonight. 6IP, 4H, 3R, 3BB, 7K. I saw the velocity tick up to 93 on one of those seven strikeouts.
  • Unofficially: 86 pitches (54 strikes)
  • Five of the River Bandits runs came on two out hits
  • The Rattlers had four hits, but stranded 10 runners in the game
  • Franklin Romero Jr with his first walk at home this season
  • The song to start and end the fireworks display tonight were awesome!



  • A concept for a future fireworks display. Just play the whole Princes of the Universe song with the ending from the first Highlander film playing on the video board.  Then, just as Connor wins…cut away to the Space Oddity video.
  • Not to get all Peter King-ish here, but Christopher Lambert is immensely underrated.
  • Sure, he seems to wind up using a sword in movies that in makes no sense for his character to use a sword.
  • Like Knight Moves, The Hunted (1995), and To Kill A Priest.
  • Well, maybe not that last one, in which he plays a priest in the Polish Solidarity movement…and is really quite good.
  • Get ’em tomorrow.

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