Postgame Thoughts (August 19, 2011)

Ooooooo! Ahhhhhhh! Ooooohhhh!

Timber Rattlers 8, Chiefs 2
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Twice on Friday, the Rattlers got a leadoff double. Once in the third.  Once in the sixth.  Both times that runner at second was still there when the inning ended.
  • I was talking with hitting coach Dusty Rhodes about hitting with runners in scoring position on the bus ride to the ballpark.  Since the Rattlers were 1-for-15 with runners in scoring position,  maybe Dusty and I should find something else to talk about on bus rides to the ballpark.
  • Another thing that came up in the discussion was runners Left on Base for the season.  That was not so much a problem tonight with seven left aboard.  But, for the season, Wisconsin has stranded 852 runners.  They are tied with Peoria for the 4th most LOB this season.  The top three are Quad Cities – 913; Lake County – 871;  and Great Lakes – 861
  • One of the five runs allowed by Eric Arnett on Friday night was unearned.  Two others came in on hits with two outs.
  • He hit a pair and struck out two.  It was tough to read the velocity on the scoreboard due to a few burned out bulbs.  So, nothing on that.
  • But the way the runs were set up….
  • There was a wild pitch in the first inning that sent a runner from first to third inning and set up the first run.
  • In the second a misplayed double play let runners reach the corners with no outs instead of two out and none on.  The run scored on a grounder which would have been the third out.
  • Seth Lintz gave up his first runs as a Rattler.  He allowed three in the sixth.  He had gone 10-1/3 innings without allowing a run.
  • STOSH! 2-1/3 scoreless!
  • And it kept these guys from showing up in the final two innings:

I can go my whole life without seeing these guys again. Their names? Norm & Al.

  • Bob Nightengale of USA Today walked into the visiting radio booth and asked how long the Rattlers have been a Brewers affiliate.
  • No. Seriously.
  • His son is an intern for the Chiefs.  Not one of the ones that has to dress up as dancing corn.  Bob Nightengale was in the press box tonight to watch the game.
  • He that he had seen the Brewers about four times this season and was looking forward to seeing them again.
  • Then, he mentioned tailgating at Miller Park.
  • Time to get after the Bees.


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