Postgame Thoughts (August 22, 2011)

Unfortunately for the Rattlers, Burlington shortstop Yordy Cabrera played like Asdrubal Cabrera on this play.

Boxscore | Game Story

  • We’ve talked a bit lately about the Rattlers low average with the bases loaded.  You can’t fault Rafael Neda for not cashing in a bases loaded opportunity in the first inning on Monday.
  • Neda was absolutely ROBBED by shortstop Yordy Cabrera after a great at bat.  Neda fouled off four 3-2 pitches with two out and the bases loaded. He cracked one back through the middle and Cabrera made a lunging grab, kept his feet, spun, and got Neda at first with a perfect throw for the third out of the inning.
  • Nuts.
  • Umpires got a call right after a discussion in the bottom of the first.  Ryan Pineda went out of the baseline about 20 feet from first to avoid a tag attempt by Nick Ramirez.  He was initially ruled safe by the base umpire.  The plate umpire overruled the call after Matt Erickson came out to calmly discuss the call.
  • Bottom of the second – Ugh.
  • Chad Stang made a great running catch near the warning track in left-center with runners on first and second…for the second out.
  • But Stang appeared to think it was the third out, because he kept jogging with the ball.  Then, he realized it was only the second out and he dropped the ball on the exchange to his throwing hand.  John Nester, the Burlington catcher, had tagged from second and scored without a play by the time the ball was returned to the infield.  Also, Royce Consigli went from first to second on the play.
  • That play made it 2-0.
  • The next play had Consigli break for third.  Brandon Macias went to cover the base and Tyreace House smacked a grounder right to where Macias had been playing.
  • It could be argued that the score should have only been 1-0 after the second inning.
  • Nick Ramirez got the Rattlers on the scoreboard in the third with a sacrifice fly.
  • But that bottom of the fourth inning…It was like watching Dave Hester win all of the locker auctions on Storage Wars and wind up with an original copy of the Declaration of Independence, a lost Da Vinci masterpiece, and a pristine first edition of Action Comics #1
  • In case you don’t watch Storage Wars…That’s bad.
  • Del walked two with one out and was relieved by STOSH!, who hit the first batter he faced to load the bases.
  • Grounder to second, but there was a weird in-between bounce that Mittelstaedt had to wait on, so he couldn’t turn two to end the inning.
  • It really would have been nice to turn two, but it was a tough, tough play, especially with Crisotomo running.
  • Then, the Crisotomo stole second and drew a throw. The runner from third broke for the plate and scored.
  • The throw bounced, but appeared to have him beat…but, Neda couldn’t hang on.
  • Cody Hawn doubled in two runs with two outs in the top of the ninth inning to get Ramirez to the plate as the tying run.
  • Off the bat, it sounded like a broken bat and I thought it was be a flyout to medium right.  However, the ball carried to the track and Crisotomo had to make the catch a few steps shy of the wall.
  • Nuts…again.
  • Something to keep your eye on in the boxscore.  In the first inning, Nick Shaw was clearly hit by a pitch on a 3-0 count.  The umpire held up his arms to signal play dead.  But, it was ruled as a walk in the boxscore.
  • If it stays that way, Shaw will have three walks on the night and 72 on the season.  If not, two walks tonight and 71 on the season
  • One thing that won’t change is Shaw’s two runs in Monday’s game.  He’s scored 73 runs this season.  He’s scored almost 14% (13.7% to be almost exact) of the Timber Rattlers runs this season.
  • Is that good?  I think that’s good.
  • Jimmy Nelson goes tomorrow to try for the split in this series and end the road trip on a high note.


Given the fact that Yordy Cabrera has 33 errors this season, that was a pretty incredible play last night. BTW – Do you know when the post season All-Star selections are annonced? The way I see it, if the voters go strickly on second half stats I see four Rattlers making it. ( Nelson, Mittlestadt, Shaw and Cody if he has enough ABs. Who votes on them and do they use second half stats or is it the entire season?

The managers vote on the post-season all-star selections. They vote on the stats for the entire season and on what they have seen from those players.

The ballots had to be in last week while the team was in Peoria.

I like your enthusiasm, but I doubt that the Rattlers you mention will be on that list. Perhaps, I can get into that a little later. Right now, I gotta get on the air.

Thanks. I would love to hear your take on the whole thing.

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