Final stats breakdown from 2011

Part five of the stat wrap on the season.

First, the inning-by-inning scoring. Note: The X stands for runs scored in all Extra Innings during 2011.

1st: 90
2nd: 63
3rd: 68
4th: 68
5th: 82
6th: 72
7th: 62
8th: 50
9th: 40
X: 13
TOTAL: 608

1st: 72
2nd: 75
3rd: 79
4th: 90
5th: 70
6th: 67
7th: 61
8th: 46
9th: 40
X: 19
TOTAL: 619

To wrap this up with a couple of links:
Here are the individual stats for the 2011 Timber Rattlers
Here are the game-by-game results for the Timber Rattlers
Overall 2011 Midwest League Standings
Midwest League Team Hitting stats
Midwest League Team Pitching stats
Midwest League Individual Hitting stats
Midwest League Individual Pitching stats

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