Manager’s report from Advanced Instructional League (#2)

Timber Rattlers manager Matt Erickson checks in from Arizona with a report on the second game of the Advanced Instructional League.  Game two was a 2-0 win for Erickson’s charges, a combination of prospects from the Brewers and Mariners system.

As you will see, Thursday was a day for the Mariners pitchers, so the only updates provided are about the Brewers farmhands too play in the game.


  • The Mariner pitching staff shut down the Reds/Indians with 7 shutout innings
  • Defensive report:
  • All routine plays were made today with no errors.
  • Shaw made a leaping catch at 2b.
  • Offensive report:
  • In the 4th, leadoff hitter was HBP, advanced to 2b on a single by Mittelstaedt, and scored on an RBI single for a 1-0 lead
  • Mittelstaedt made a nice read tagging from 2b to 3b on fly ball to RCF with no out.
  • In the 6th, Rivera led off with a single, went 1b to 3b on E1 pickoff attempt, and scored on an RBI double from Shaw for the 2-0 final.
  • The Brewers picked up 3 of the 4 hits in today’s game.

Rattlers in the boxscore:
LF: TJ Mittelstaedt… 1/3
1B: Hunter Morris… 0/3. 2 hard hit balls right at the RF
RF: Max Walla… 0/1. BB
3B: Shea Vucinich… 0/2
2B: Nick Shaw… 1/2. RBI double
PH: Yadiel Rivera… 1/1. single & run scored

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