A few words about last night

I was fortunate enough to be at the Brewers game on Wednesday night.  I did miss the minute-by-minute drama of the wild card chase unfolding on television, but good  lord, it was awesome.

This video is a reaction of Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac to the Orioles beating the Red Sox and – moments later – the Rays beating the Yankees.  It also pretty much sums up the feelings of baseball fans everywhere…except Boston and probably Atlanta…

To sum it all up, here is a column by Joe Posnanski at SI.COM.  I am giving away the ending, but it is well worth reading the whole thing.

Elation. Sadness. Mayhem. Champagne. Sleepless fury. Never been a night like it. Funny, if I was trying to explain baseball to someone who had never heard of it, I wouldn’t tell them about Wednesday night. No, it seems to me that it isn’t Wednesday night isn’t what makes baseball great. It’s all the years you spend waiting for Wednesday night that makes baseball great.


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