October 2011

The Week in Rattlers Alumni

Carlos Peguero continues to hit well in the Domican Winter League; Lorenzo Cain has heated up in Venezuela; Kentrail Davis has picked up some hits to raise his slash line in Arizona; and Casey Medlen with 9 Ks & 1 walk in 7-1/3 innings pitched in Arizona.

Here is a look at how they and the other former Timber Rattlers are doing in the various Fall & Winter Leagues:

Arizona Fall League:

Peoria Javelinas:
Kentrail Davis (’10): 12 games; .316/.435/.500; HR, 4RBI, 3SB, 1 CS
Scooter Gennett (’10): 12 games; .327/.407/.500; 2 HR, 8RBI, 2SB, 0 CS
Adam Moore (’06): 10 games; .194/.310/.250; 0HR, 6RBI
Jed Bradley (’12???): 2 games, 0-0, 9.00; 2IP, 2H, 3R, 2ER, BB, 2K
Daniel Meadows (’09): 6 games, 0-0, 2.25ERA; 8IP, 8H, 3R, 2ER, 4BB, 2K
Casey Medlen (’11): 5 games, 1-1, 3.68ERA; 7.1IP, 6H, 3R, 3ER, BB, 9K
Cody Scarpetta (’09): 4 games, 3 starts, 0-2, 11.57; 7IP, 9H, 10R, 9ER, 11BB, 6K

Surprise Saguaros:
Nathan Adcock (’08): 3 games, 3 starts, 1-2, 7.15ERA; 11.1IP, 16H, 10R, 9ER, 3BB, 11K

Venezuela Winter League:

Cardenales de Lara:
Daniel Carroll (’08): 1 game, 1-for-3
Alex Liddi (’08): 14 games; .136/.269/.250; HR, 4RBI
Oswaldo Navarro (’05): 15 games; .294/.373/.490; 2 HR, 7RBI
Michael Saunders (’06): 12 games; .163/.308/.302; HR, 4 RBI
Luis Valbuena (’06): 15 games; .235/.339/.412; HR, 5RBI
Cesar Jimenez (’03): 3 games; 0-0, 2.08ERA; 4.1IP, 6H, 3R, ER, 0BB, 2K

Aguilas del Zulia:
Carlos Maldonado (’99): 11 games; .103/.257/.172 0HR, RBI
Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): 4 games, 3 starts, 1-2, 3.24ERA; 16.2IP; 15H, 6R, 6ER, 8BB, 11K
Jose Escalona (’08): 5 games, 0-0, 9.00ERA; 4IP, 5H, 4R, 4ER, 4BB, 0K

Caribes de Anzoategui:
Luis Oliveros (’02): 2 games; .333/.500/.333
Mike Wilson (’05): 13 games; .191/.291/.383, 3 HR, 8RBI

Bravos de Margarita:
Edgar Trejo (’09): 6 games; .143/.250/.143 0HR, 0RBI

Leones del Caracas:
Michael Fiers (’09): 2 games; 1 start; 1-0, 0.00ERA; 7IP; 3H, 4BB, 4K

Navegantes del Magallanes:
Lorenzo Cain (’09): 9 games; .212/.333/.333; HR, 2 RBI
Bryan La Hair (’04): 13 games; .314/.417/.745; 6HR; 12 RBI

Dominican Winter League:

Aguilas Cibaenas:
Edward Paredes (’08): 6 games; 0-1, SAVE, 5.40ERA; 3.1IP, 4H, 2R, ER, 4BB, 2K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 5 games; 2-0, 1.35ERA, 6.2IP, 2H, R, ER, BB, 7K

Estrellas de Oriente:
Leury Bonilla (’07): 3 games; 0-for-1
Juan Diaz (’08): 9 games; .120/.185/.120 0HR, 0RBI

Gigantes del Cibao:
Carlos Peguero (’07): 12 games; .354/.415/.792; 5HR, 11RBI
Wily Peralta (’09): 3 games, 3 starts, 0-2; 7.94; 11.1IP, 13H, 10R, 10ER, 5BB, 8K

Leones del Escogido:
Jorge Sosa (’01): 2 games, 2 starts, 0-0, 1.13ERA; 8IP, 8H, R, 3BB, 8K

Tigres del Licey:
Rene Rivera (’03): 4 games; .417/.462/.417 0HR, RBI
Carlos Triunfel (’07): 2 games; .250/.250/.250 0HR, 0RBI
Santo Manzanillo (’10): 1 game, 0-0, *.**ERA; 0.0IP, 0H, R, ER, BB, K

The Australian Baseball League and the Puerto Rican Winter League both start this week.  Jamie McOwen (’07) is back in Australia.  I have not seen a full roster for any of the teams in either league yet.  When I know, you’ll know.

Rough day for ex-Rattlers

Tough day for Scooter Gennett (’10) in the Arizona Fall League.  The Peoria Javelinas beat Phoenix 7-5 in 11 innings.

Scooter went 0-for-5 with an RBI, a walk, and three strikeouts.

Logan Schaefer, a fellow Brewers minor leauger, also went 0-for-5 in that game.

But, that all pales when compared to the night for Mark Lowe (’05).   When he was a Rattler, Lowe made 22 starts and went 6-6 with an ERA of 5.47.  In 103.2 innings pitched, Lowe allowed 107 hits – 12 homers – walked 49 and struck out 72.

Lowe has joined a club with Pat Darcy, Charlie Leibrant, and Mitch Williams as the other members.  All four pitchers have given up “walk-off” home runs in Game Six of a World Series.

Carlton Fisk’s 12th inning homer at Fenway Park gave the Red Sox a 7-6 win over Cincinnati in 1975.
Kirby Puckett’s 11th inning homer at the Metrodome gave the Twins a 4-3 win over Atlanta in 1991.
Joe Carter’s 9th inning homer at Skydome gave the Blue Jays an 8-6 win over Philadelphia in 1993.

Mark Lowe in the Rangers dugout after Game 6 of the 2011 World Series PHOTO: Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News

I found an AP article with comments from Lowe

Rangers’ Lowe wanted Game 6 in his hands

“If you don’t want to be in that situation I was in as a pitcher,” Lowe said, “you’re in the wrong business. This is what I’ve worked for my whole career and I was where I wanted to be.”

Too bad his pitch wasn’t.

Lowe’s change-up drifted over the plate and Freese tattooed it to center field, the winning homer sending the record crowd of 47,325 at Busch Stadium into a delirious frenzy. The homer gave St. Louis a dramatic 10-9 victory and forced the first Game 7 in the World Series since 2002.

“I didn’t have the results I wanted,” Lowe said, “but tomorrow’s a new day and I could get in there and get a big out and nobody remembers this game. That’s baseball.”

I hope that Lowe does get another chance, but history says probably not. Neither Darcy nor Leibrandt got a chance to redeem themselves in the Game 7 that was played the next day. Williams did not get the opportunity because Carter’s home run ended the series.

However, the way the Rangers bullpen was used up last night, he may.

Speaking of last night’s game. I am not sure how many of you are into Win Expectancy Graphs, but take a look at this over at Baseball Reference.  The graph shows how likely it is that one team will win the game.  The line moves on each play.  The more the line swings to one team, the more likely that team is to win the game.

To put it in words:
After Neftali Feliz struck out Ryan Theriot for the first out of the ninth inning, the Rangers win expectancy was 96%.
After Josh Hamilton hit his home run in the 10th, the Rangers win expectancy was 93%.

Just head over and look at the roller coaster.

Arizona & Ratings & twitter

Down in the Arizona Fall League yesterday:

Nathan Adcock (’08) got the start for Surprise against Salt River.  Salt River won 6-2 and Adcock took the loss.

Adcock: 5IP, 10H, 5R, 4ER, 0BB, K, HR

Peoria lost 7-6 in ten innings to Phoenix.

Ex-Rattlers in action for Peoria:
Adam Moore (’06): 1-for-4
Casey Medlen (’11): IP, H, R, 0BB, 2K, HR, Loss

Brewers minor leaguers in action for Peoria:
Logan Schafer: 2-for-4, 2 RUNS, 2B,
Zelous Wheeler: 1-for-4
Jed Bradley: IP, 2H, 3R, 2ER, BB, 2K, HR

This piece has been up over at Bernie’s Crew for the last couple of days, so it’s about time I put a link to it here.  I’ll put Jim’s introduction here, but you’ll need to click the link to see how pitchers in the Brewers Minor League system are lined up by certain categories.

Every year, members of the media and fans spend far too much time breaking down the ERA of minor league pitchers.

I have yet to talk to a scout who legitimately believes ERA illustrates much of anything in terms of talent in a young pitcher. It’s all about the projectability of the stuff, the skill set on the mound, and the relative age to his opponents.

Pinpointing the ultimate projectability of a pitcher’s repertoire is an artform that is often honed, but never mastered. It’s not as objective as simply standing in the scout’s section of the ballpark with a radar gun and logging velocity readings. It’s about understanding mechanics. It’s about understanding what could be there, rather than what already is.

One of the easiest ways to grab a snapshot of the Brewers’ minor league system is to categorize them according to the three main skills on the mound: ground-ball percentage, walk rate, and strikeout rate.

Last thing today: Look at the latest Rattlers Alumni on twitter

Nick Bucci  is @nickbooch
Cameron Garfield is @CAMgGARFIELD
Maverick Lasker is @LaskerMaverick

Canadian Gold

Canada defeated the United States 2-1 in the Gold Medal game at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.  In the words of Kent Brockman: I, for one, welcome our new Maple Leaf overlords.

The Canadian baseball team celebrates winning the Pan American Games gold medal on October 25. PHOTO: Baseball Canada

Baseball Canada has the story:

Jimmy Van Ostrand’s (Richmond, BC) two-out double in the top of the sixth gave Canada a 2-1 lead and they held on to defeat the United States and win the gold medal at the Pan American Games.

“To be going at this for so long and finally accomplish our goal is something truly special,” said Canadian Manager, Ernie Whitt. “I’m so happy for these kids. They’ve worked so hard.”

After giving up a run in the first inning, Canadian starter Andrew Albers (North Battleford, SK) turned in a phenomenal performance on the mound as he went 6 2/3 innings and allowed six hits, while striking out eight and walking none.

Scott Richmond (Vancouver, BC) came on in the bottom of the seventh with two out and runners on the corners only to get a fly-out to right field that ended the threat.

“Andrew Albers and Scotty Richmond came through for us tonight and my- gosh, it’s just a dream come true,” added Whitt.

My gosh, that last quote is so Canadian.

ESPN has highlights from the game.  Check out that freeze frame on the video.  I’m pretty sure that is former Rattlers pitcher Nick Bucci with the mutton chop sideburns who is ready to blowup that guys hand with the high five!

Here are the highlights from the Pan Am Games website. Watch the Canadian dugout as the runners return after scoring the two runs.  Pretty sure that’s Bucci.

Brock Kjeldgaard was the only former Rattler to appear in last night’s gold medal game for Canada.  He went 1-for-4 in the game and played centerfield.

Yes. Centerfield.  It’s not like he’s never played out there before last night.

Brock Kjeldgaard’s mustache

Former Timber Rattler Brock Kjeldgaard (#18), Team Canada, and their mustaches celebrate at the Pan American Games. Photo: Baseball Canada

Canada rallied to beat Mexico 5-3 in the semifinals of the Pan American Games on Monday.  The US beat Cuba 12-10 in the other semifinal.

The gold medal game is scheduled to be played at 7pm tonight.

I have no other details.  I just wanted to share that picture of Brock Kjeldgaard with a mustache.

The week for Rattlers alumni

Former Timber Rattlers pitcher Mark Lowe makes a pitch during the eighth inning of Game Three of the 2011 World Series. Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Still one ex-Rattler active in the World Series.  Mark Lowe (’05) is with the Texas Rangers and he was asked to get three outs in the eighth inning of Saturday’s St. Louis slaughter of the Rangers.

He got those three outs, but also allowed a run on two hits with a strikeout.

In international competition news, the baseball tournament at the Pan American Games are wrapping up in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Canada and the United States are into the semifinal round.  Canada, with three ex-Rattlers on the roster, face Mexico tonight.  The US take on Cuba at 2:00pm today.  Puerto Rico, with two former Rattlers on the roster, are playing Panama right now…for 7th place?

Brock Kjeldgaard (’09): 3 games; 3-for-8, 0 HR, 3RBI
Jim Henderson (’09): 2 games, 0-0, 16.27ERA, 2BB, K
Nick Bucci (’10): has not pitched

Puerto Rico:
Jeffrey Dominguez (’06): 3 games, 1-for-9, 0H, 2RBI
Efrain Nieves (’10): 1 game, .2IP, BB, 0K

Now to the Fall/Winter Leagues.

Arizona Fall League:

Kentrail Davis (’10): 10 games, .290/.421/.484; 1 HR, 2 RBI
Scooter Gennett (’10): 10 games, .381/.458/.595; 2 HR, 7RBI
Adam Moore (’06): 6 games, .130/.231/.174; 0 HR, 4RBI

Santo Manzanillo (’10): 3 games, 0-1, 6.75ERA, 2.2IP, 2BB, K
Daniel Meadows (’09): 5 games, 0-0, 2.57ERA, 7IP, 4BB, 2K
Casey Medlen (’11): 3 games, 1-0, 4.15ERA, 4.1IP, BB, 5K
Cody Scarpetta (’09): 3 games, 2 starts, 0-1, 18.00ERA, 4IP, 9BB, 3K
Tyler Thornburg (’11): 3 games, 1-0, 3.38ERA, 5.1IP, 4BB, 3K
Jed Bradley (we can hope): 1 game, 0-0, 0.00, 0BB, 0K

Nathan Adcock (’08): 2 games, 2 starts, 1-1, 7.11ERA, 6.1IP, 3BB, 10K
Jeremy Jeffress (’10): 5 games, 0-0, 6.35ERA, 5.2IP, 4BB, 6K

Dominican League:

Edward Paredes (’08): 3 games, 0-1, Save, 9.00ERA, 2IP, BB, 2K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 3 games, 1-0, 3.00 ERA, 3IP, 0BB, 3K

Leury Bonilla (’07): 2 games, 0-for-1
Juan Diaz (’08): 6 games .095/.095/.095 0HR, 0RBI

Carlos Peguero (’07): 7 games, .393/.452/.857 3 HR, 7 RBI

Jorge Sosa (’01): 2 games, 2 starts, 0-0, 1.13 ERA, 8IP, 3BB, 8K

Rene Rivera (’03): 1 game, 3-for-3
Carlos Triunfel (’07): 2 games, 1-for-4
Santo Manzanillo (’10): 1 game, 0.0IP, BB

Venezuelan League:

Daniel Carroll (’08): 1 game, 1-for-3
Alex Liddi (’08): 10 games, .194/.342/.355 HR, 4RBI
Oswaldo Navarro (’05): 10 games, .265/.350/.412 HR, 5RBI
Michael Saunders (’06): 10 games, .143/.318/.286, HR, 3RBI
Luis Valbuena (’06): 11 games, .250/.386/.417 0HR, 3RBI

Caesar Jimenez (’03): 1 game, 0-0, *.**ERA, 0.0IP, 0BB, 0K

Carlos Maldonado (’99): 7 games, .125/.333/.188, 0HR, 0RBI

Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): 2 games, 1 start, 0-1, 3.38ERA, 5.1IP, 4BB, 4K
Jose Escalona (’08): 1 game, 0-0, 27.00ERA, 0.1IP

Luis Oliveros (’02): 2 games, .333/.500/.333 0HR, 4RBI
Mike Wilson (’05): 7 games, .080/.233/.200, HR, 2RBI

Lorenzo Cain (’09): 9 games, .212/.333/.333, HR, 2 RBI
Bryan LaHair (’04): 10 games, .308/.426/.821 6 HR, 9 RBI

Edgar Trejo (’08): 3 games, .200/.333/.200, 0 HR, oRBI

Interesting Collectables

This was a real promotional item for the Appleton Foxes in the late 1960s.  I was alerted to the fact that this item is up for bid on ebay. It was used to promote Accurate Business Controls, Inc. and the Appleton Foxes.  BUY IT NOW for $6.49 + $1.49 shipping…well, maybe not….well….no. Definitely…not…Unless they throw in a carton of Marlboro with a Foxes logo on it.  You just KNOW that there was something like that out there.  It was the 60’s….MAN!

I doubt that the Timber Rattlers would be able to do something like this now. Unless, the matches were stated to be used for for….tailgate grills or fireplaces or….No. The Timber Rattlers would not be able to do something like this.

Something that I have been kicking around for a few seasons is working on a way to collect and display the history of baseball in Appleton.  We have a few things, but I am guessing that the really neat things – like the matchbook above – are out there in the basements and storage units of Northeastern Wisconsin.

Drop a note in the comments or send an email to rattlerradio@timberrattlers.com if you know of any.

October 20th in the Arizona Fall League

Thursday was not a good day for ex-Timber Rattlers starting pitchers in the Arizona Fall League.

Nathan Adcock (’08) was the starting pitcher for Surprise and took the loss as Salt River won 7-2.  Adcock was the starter and allowed five runs on five hits with two walks and three strikeouts.  Adcock is 1-1 in two starts down in the AFL.

The really bad news was in Peoria’s 10-9 loss to Phoenix.  Cody Scarpetta (’09) faced seven batters in the first inning for Peoria and did not retire any of those batters.  He allowed four hits and three walks.  Phoenix hit a pair of homers, including a grand slam, to grab a 7-0 lead.  Scarpetta is 0-1 with an 18.00 ERA in the AFL.

There was good news on other fronts in that game for Peoria.

Scooter Gennett (’10) went 3-for-5 with three runs scored, a double, a walk, and three runs scored.  Gennett’s slash line is: .417/.488/.667

Daniel Meadows (’09) pitched two innings and allowed a run on two hits.

Jed Bradley, one of Milwaukee’s first round picks in the 2011 draft, made his Arizona Fall League debut.  He worked the sixth inning.  Here is how it went:

Phoenix Top of the 6th
Pitcher Change: Jed Bradley replaces Daniel Meadows.
Rob Segedin grounds out, second baseman Scooter Gennett to first baseman Matt Adams.
Kevin Ahrens grounds out, shortstop Wilfredo Tovar to first baseman Matt Adams.
Roberto Perez flies out to center fielder Logan Schafer.

Good start for Bradley.

Peoria is at Salt River tonight at 8:35pm CDT

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Have you recently checked the Timber Rattlers facebook page?  You really should.  Because you’ll miss stuff like this:

Here the entrants, so far.  Post your pictures at the Rattlers facebook page:

Pumpkin carved with the combined logos of the Brewers,Badgers, and Packers.


Complete contest details are right here!  You have until October 28 to enter.

Fall/Winter League Updates

After a break of a few days, let’s take a look at how ex-Rattlers are faring in the current active Fall/Winter Leagues.  That would be the Arizona Fall League, the Dominican Winter League, and the Venezuelan Winter League.

Two other leagues will be starting soon.  The Puerto Rico Baseball League will start on November 4.  The Australian Baseball League officially starts on November 3.  There are a couple of exhibition games planned over the next few weeks.

Also, note that Santo Manzanillo has moved from the Arizona Fall League to pitch for Licey in the Dominican Republic.

Arizona Fall League:

Peoria Javelinas:
Kentrail Davis (’10): 7 games, 7-for-25; .280/.400/.400 2 SBs, RBI
Scooter Gennett (’10): 6 games, 9-for-27; .333/.400/.630 2HR, 6RBI
Adam Moore (’06): 5 games, 3-for-19; .158/.273/.211 0HR, 4RBI

Santo Manzanillo (’10): 3 games, 0-1; 6.75ERA; SAVE; 2.2IP, 2BB, K
Daniel Meadows (’09): 4 games, 0-0; 1.80ERA; 5IP, 3BB, 2K
Casey Medlen (’11): 1 game; 0-0, 5.40ERA; 1.2IP; BB; K
Cody Scarpetta (’09): 2 games; 1 start; 1-0; 2.25ERA; 5.1IP; 4BB, 3K
Tyler Thornburg (’11): 3 games; 1-0; 3.38ERA; 5.1IP; 4BB, 3K

Surprise Saguaros:
Nathan Adcock (’08): 1 game; 1 start; 1-0; 0.00ERA; 3IP, BB, 7K

Venezuelan Winter League:

Daniel Carroll (’08): 1 game, 1-for-3; .333/.333/.333
Alex Liddi (’08): 5 games; 2-for-16; .125/.300/.188
Oswaldo Navarro (’05): 6 games; 4-for-20; .200/.227/.350; HR; 5RBI
Michael Saunders (’06): 5 games; 4-for-18; .222/.391/.500; HR; 3RBI
Luis Valbuena (’06): 6 games; 5-for-20; .250/.318/.500

Carlos Maldonado (’99): 4 games; 0-for-10; .000/.167/.000

Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): 1 game; 1 start; 0-1; 6.00ERA; 3IP, BB, 2K
Jose Escalona (’08): 1 game, 0-0, 0.00, 0.1IP

Edgar Trejo (’09): 1 game; 0-for-2; .000/.333/.000

Mike Wilson (’05): 3 games; 2-for-8; .250/.500/.675; HR, 2 RBI

Lorenzo Cain (’09): 6 games; 7-for-23; .304/.429/.478; HR, 2 RBI
Bryan LaHair (’04): 6 games; 9-for-24; .375/.464/1.083; 5 HR, 7 RBI

Dominican Winter League:

Edward Paredes (’08): 1 game; 0-0, SAVE, 0.00, .2IP, 2K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 1 game; 1-0; 0.00; 2IP, 3K

Leury Bonilla: 1 game; defensive replacement
Juan Diaz (’08): 2 games; 0-for-7; .000/.000/.000

Carlos Peguero (’07): 3 games; 4-for-12; .333/.429/.500; 2 RBI
Wily Peralta (’09): 1 game; 1 start; 0-1; 9.00ERA; 3IP, BB, K

Jorge Sosa (’01): 1 game; 1 start; 0-0; 0.00ERA; 4IP; BB, 2K

Carlos Triunfel (’07): 1 game; 0-for-1; .000/.000/.000
Santo Manzanillo (’10): 1 game; 0-0, *.**; 0.0IP, H, R

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