Where the MWL rates…offensively

I keep forgetting to link to this Baseball America blog post by Matt Eddy.  Well, I guess I didn’t forget today.

He takes a look at the league averages for all of the leagues in minor league baseball.  And – sit down, because this may come as a shock – it turns out the Midwest League is a bit of a league for pitchers.

If you take a look at the first table that is provided at the link, you’ll see what I mean.

Of the ten full season (Scheduled for 140 or more games) leagues  in MiLB, the MWL is 10th in five of the 10 categories provided.  The MWL is ninth in three of those ten categories.  Here are the categories, the stats, and the rankings.

Average: .250 (T-9th)
On Base Percentage: .323 (9th)
Slugging Percentage: .370 (10th)
Runs per 9 innings: 4.50 (9th)
Walks %*: 8.4 (7th)
Strikeouts %*: 20.6 (10th)
Isolated Power: .120 (10th)
Batting Average for Balls in Play: .306 (9th)
Home Runs: 85 (10th)
Runs: 606 (10th)

Another table to study is the one down at the bottom of the post.  It provides a comparison between the Midwest League and the South Atlantic League in all of those categories…and two bonus categories…from 2007-2011.

The bonus categories?  Average age of the hitters and the pitchers.

Average Age of Pitchers:
MWL: 21.8
SAL: 21.9

Average Ave of Hitters:
MWL: 21.5
SAL: 21.6

*-The walks and strikeouts stats have been taken as a percentage of plate appearances.  If I read the stat correctly, that would mean that 20.6% of all plate appearances in the Midwest League ended in a strikeout and 8.4 percent of all MWL plate appearances ended in a walk.**

**-Does not include intentional walks.

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